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World’s Top Test Batsman A Proud Christian

by | Mon, Jan 16 2023

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Australian cricket star Marnus Labuschagne has opened up about his deep Christian faith in the new season of the Reality TV series The Test.

The world’s number one batsman reveals that it is in God, not cricket, that he finds his true worth.

“Everyone knows cricket is a major part of my life, but the value of me as a person isn’t in cricket, it’s in my faith,” he says.

He proudly declares: “This is who I am.”

The South African-born sportsman explains: “I grew up with Christianity going back to when I was a young kid, lying in my bed praying every night.”

His family moved to Australia when he was 10.

The Daily Telegraph reports that according to stats gurus CricViz  Labuschagne is statistically the luckiest player in world cricket – thanks to dropped catches and front foot no balls.

Some say it’s because he has played every one of his Test innings with an eagle sticker on his bat.

It represents the verse from Isaiah 40:31:

For those that hope in the Lord, he shall renew their strength. He shall soar on wings like eagles. He shall run and not grow weary and talk and not be faint.

Out-of-form non-believing colleague Matthew Wade put an eagle sticker on his own bat and was out for a golden duck in what turned out to be his last Test.

Steve Smith told News Corp: “The Man Upstairs knew it wasn’t real.”

The Test reveals that banter from teammates during his younger cricketing years made for a daunting initiation for Marnus Labuschagne:

“I think like any young player you have your challenges when you grow up and you start playing senior cricket. When you’re younger it’s a little bit more intimidating,” he admitted.

“For me, my faith was always a part of my journey. So everyone knew that was who I was. There was no hiding from that.”

“The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is you’ve just got to be who you are. You’ve just got to be who you want to be. Don’t change for other people.”