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‘Youth For Christ’ Ministry Offers Hope To Next Generation

by | Tue, Nov 29 2022

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The Youth for Christ (YFC) ministry says twice as many American children and teens have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ this year than in 2021.

It reports 7,323 individuals have been saved so far in 2022.

YFC President and CEO Jake Bland said it’s clear the Gospel is as effective as ever in today’s changing youth landscape.

The ministry has been involved in youth outreach for 78 years with more than 130 chapters across the US.

Mr. Bland said there’s a growing need among young people after the US Surgeon General recently declaring youth mental health as ‘a state of emergency.’

He noted that 20 years ago the biggest issue for teens was drink driving and pregnancy which have since dropped dramatically.

He added that “kids in America are at a vulnerable tipping point and a whole generation could slip through the cracks.”

But the ministry leader is convinced that Christ is moving and already uncovering His story of hope among this next generation.

YFC knows all the anxiety, fear, and worry in today’s society stems from a deep-rooted need for identity, purpose, and belonging. This can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ and the abundant and eternal life that He brings,” he explained.

YFC exists because we want to bring the Gospel right to today’s youth by coming alongside them and building meaningful relationships during pivotal moments in their lives.”