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Moving Forward When You Feel Stuck

by | Fri, Jul 8 2022

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Do you feel trapped in a job that no longer fulfils you? The pressures of managing parenthood and family life in addition to working can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed.

Dr Monica has 12 years of experience as a doctor and is also a certified growth and family coach. Her passion is coaching mums to create a life that suits them, one that makes things simpler and helps them to take care of themselves.

Dr Monica recently joined us on Rise & Shine to share her insights on what it takes to transition careers while maintaining family life. Her heart is to support women through the different stages of their growth journey.

Coaching Teens

While Dr Monica coaches both women and men, she also believes it’s also important for teenagers to have a mentor. ‘I’m a mum of two young girls myself. In the world they are growing up in, there is such a need for guidance and direction.’

The teen years can be very challenging, and teaching kids to take ownership and build firm foundations can set them up for success later on. It also helps them navigate the difficulties of changing careers and moving forward in life.

‘We all go through seasons of our life where we feel a bit stuck,’ says Monica. ‘A lot of people that I coach sit in this space of the in-between, and that can be quite confusing, even paralysing at times.’

Our Interests Change as We Grow

When transitioning between careers, Monica recommends going back to basics and asking ourselves some really hard questions. We need to think about what we would like to be doing and take time to explore our passions.

‘Our interests have a close association with how much we’re going to stick with something,’ says Monica. ‘We can even take it one step further, and ask are we living in alignment with our values?’

We have to take action ourselves, and just one small thing can make a big difference. Speaking to a coach or exploring what our strengths are is a great place to start. It can also be beneficial to write down a list of the skillsets we have gained from previous jobs.

The Rewards of Serving Others

‘God took me to the space of serving others,’ says Dr Monica. ‘And when I served others, I came out of my space of feeling stuck. The growth process and moving forward comes with doing. By doing something, we are always going to learn something.’

Dr Monica believes we all bring skills and talents from previous jobs. It’s a cumulative effect, and something we should recognise. ‘It really can contribute to that next job or place that we want to move into.’

Listen to Dr Monica’s full interview on Rise & Shine below. For more resources, visit the Vision Store.