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Men Rising Above Stereotypes

by | Sat, Sep 4 2021

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Secrets. Doubts. Regrets. Now more than ever it seems that men are harboring these just below the surface. And our enemy, who prowls around like a roaring lion, convinces us that we’re defective, and that nobody else would ever understand. So we continue to cover up and compensate for these perceived deficiencies however we can.  

Most men deep in their hearts want to be good faithful husbands and involved dads. But all too often, we go through life feeling like we’re one mistake away from failing everyone around us. And it torments us, because we’ve probably had an experience of a man failing us in our own lives.   

We have to figure out for ourselves if we are going to strive for something better. And it’s in the power of Christ, as believers in Jesus and not in our own strength.

We need help to see the truth that with God, we are capable of being the men that we long to be.


Craig Glass is the founder of a men’s ministry called ‘Peregrine Ministries’ and is a husband, dad, and grandfather. He’s written a book called ‘Noble Journey, the Quest for a Lasting Legacy’, and joined this Focus on the Family conversation to share his thoughts on the many issues that men struggle with. 

Craig believes that the Lord provides a beautiful picture of how He forgives and forgets, and we need to remember that. Men respond in ways that are different from women, and the primary reason is because of shame and the regrets of what we have done. It’s things like being on the internet two nights ago before going to church on Sunday morning. Men are carrying these secrets, and it’s just like in the garden. The very first thing the first people did was cover up and hide.  

Craig says it’s a step-by-step process to get men to be truthful in the marriage relationship. “It’s also true that one of the last places men will tell the truth is in church. Why? Because they think they’re going to be condemned and judged, and I believe men feel the same way about their wives.

But to me, the quintessential masculine failure is to stay passive and silent.

When the first woman needed the first man to say something, do something, he was silent and passive. All of us would have been much better off if he spoke up and gotten in the way.” 

There is a wonderful example of what sons and daughters need from a father, and that is what Jesus received from his father. Both when he was baptized and at the moment of transfiguration, the words were essentially the same.

This is my son, whom I love. With him I’m well-pleased. That’s what we were built for, to long for, from a father.

But we feel like we don’t quite measure up to that, and that’s the father wound. 

While honesty is crucial in the marital relationship, it’s also the same in the parenting relationship. You need to develop that sense of trust so that your kids can talk with you. It’s so important. Craig has 4 tips on how to be a good dad. 

“There are four As,” he says.

“Acceptance, affection, affirmation and anointing. These are character qualities, not just things that our children have done.”


Craig says that women matter in their child’s lives just as much as men do.

“But we need to overcome the lie of shame.

And we need to understand that by God’s design as we read in scripture, men reflect the masculine nature of how God presented himself.” 

“Jesus told the story of the prodigal son and his father. And we reflect the example that Jesus gave of what it looks like to be a man, showing compassion, confidence and kindness to women. The great issue for men is overcoming that idea of shame and conquering it in a healthy way.”

Listen to the podcast below.

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