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Three Abortion Survivors Share Their Stories

by | Tue, Feb 12 2019

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Late term abortions have now been legalised up to the moment of birth in the US state of New York.  With pro-abortion activists now pushing for similar legislature in other states, it won’t be too long before that is the case here in Australia too.  Controversial late term abortion laws have already passed in several Australian states.

Abortion now the leading cause of death worldwide, with those who have survived abortions now speaking out for those children still in the womb who can’t yet speak for themselves.

In the Fox News video above, three adults who survived abortions in their mother’s wombs share their personal stories.

Melissa - abortion survivor

Melissa survived a failed saline abortion in 1977 and said it took most of her life to piece together the story of what really happened.  “What I know is that my birth mother was 19-years-old, she was a college student, unmarried, and it was her family who was responsible for forcing the abortion upon her."

"I should have been poisoned and scolded to death in the womb. My procedure actually lasted five days, and on the fifth day of the abortion procedure, I was delivered believing that I would be a successful abortion.  And low and behold, I was born alive.”

Josiah - abortion survivor

Josiah then shared his story. “I’m actually adopted into a family of twelve kids.  When I was 13-years-old my adopted parents told me about how my birth mother, two months into her pregnancy with me actually underwent a curettage abortion.  They thought the procedure had been successful, but a few months later they realised that it had actually failed."

"So I was born later on October 7th, 1995.  I was placed with a foster home ministry in South Korea where I was born, and lived there for about 13 months before I was adopted and brought over to the States, where I live with my family now.”

Claire - abortion survivor

Lastly, Claire shared her survival story that ended the life of her twin. “My birth mother was 13-years-old when she was pregnant with me.  Her mother took her to an abortion clinic where she had a late-term DNC surgical abortion.  They told her that her life would go back to normal, but six weeks later she realised that things were not going back to normal."

"So she went back to that doctor and found out that her abortion had been successful, but she had been pregnant with twins and one had survived.  That was me.  I was born six weeks later and my hips were completely dislocated, and my feet were turned in as clubbed feet.  I was in the hospital for two months and had body casts for the first two years of my life because of that abortion, but I’m grateful to be here today.”

4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound of a baby in the womb. (Shutterstock)

With law makers also pushing for ‘post-birth abortions’ or ‘infanticide’, we as Christians have a duty not to turn a blind eye.

Focus on the Family is doing just that.  In the podcast video below Jim Daly and John Fuller speak to US senator Ben Sasse about what is being done by pro-life politicians to protect the lives of the unborn.

“It takes no courage to say this basic true thing. A baby that survives an abortion, and she’s fighting for life and gasping for air – she had dignity.  She has rights. She is an image-bearer [of Christ]. And we have a moral obligation, and we should have a legal obligation to provide care for that kid.”

On the 4th of May, Focus on the Family will be hosting a live 4D third trimester ultrasound in Times Square in New York City.  They plan on streaming the video recording up onto a billboard so that the world can finally see that there is no difference between a child inside the womb compared to outside – they are just at different stages of development.

Times Square New York

Times Square, New York City. (Shutterstock)

Focus on the Family provides relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life.  Listen to their daily radio show weekdays on Vision. Find your local times here.


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