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What Will Heaven Be Like? – Anne Graham Lotz

by | Wed, Apr 14 2021

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Anne Graham Lotz

What will greet you, when you arrive at Heaven’s pearly gates? Angels playing harps? Saint Peter, with the keys to the kingdom?  It’s something many of us find ourselves imagining about with the hope that we will be greeted by Jesus saying ‘well done good and faithful servant’.

In this Focus on the Family podcast, Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, shares: “And you know, the Bible says that our bodies are something like a tent. And everything that we are-- our personality, our mind, our emotions, our heart, our will, our character-- everything that’s on the inside just lives inside of the tents. And one day our physical bodies are going to die and we’re going to leave our tent behind and we’re going to go somewhere. If, God forbid, you were killed in a car accident going home, where would you be? As you leave your tent behind, where are you going to be?”

Podcast supplied with thanks to Focus on the Family Australia.

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