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Joseph & David Parallel The Life Of Mashiach Pt 4

by | Thu, Jun 30 2022

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For a last several programs, we’ve focused on the parallel characteristics between Joseph and David, because previously, we learned that most rabbis believe that there are two Messiahs to come, or that one of two of these possible Messiahs will come. Either Mashiach ben Yosef – Messiah son of Joseph, the suffering Messiah. Or, Mashiach ben Da’vid – Messiah son of David, the warrior Messiah. Both Joseph and David are very different men to be sure, but they’re also surprisingly similar. We saw quite clearly last time, the striking similarities between Joseph and Jesus and this time, we’re going to look at the similarities between David and Jesus.

  • Both born in Bethlehem
  • Both prophesied to one day be king over Israel
  • Both shepherds, David of literal sheep, Jesus of people, the human bleating kind
  • Both grew up being loved and respected by their people and communities
  • Both eventually rejected by those who were supposed to love them
  • Both treated with contempt by their families, David by his brothers and some of his children. Jesus by His half siblings
  • Both were in the genealogy of Jesse (the root out of Jesse foretold by Isaiah). Jesse was David’s father, Jesse was Jesus great, great, great….grandfather.
  • Both were prophets
  • Both had enemies who conspired against them
  • Both were accused of sedition without evidence
  • Both were betrayed, David by his father-in-law, his son and one of his commanders, Jesus by Judas and His own leaders
  • Both had attempts made against their lives, David by Saul and Jesus when they tried to throw Him off a cliff
  • Both were loved by the people they protected
  • Both had false friends hang themselves after betraying them, David’s false friend Ahithophel, and Jesus false friend Judas
  • Both were promised by God to have an everlasting throne
  • Both brought deliverance to their people, David by conquering militarily over their enemies, Jesus by conquering death, hell and the grave while on the cross
  • Both were thirty years of age when they stepped into their authority, David was thirty when he became king, Jesus was thirty when He began His ministry of power and authority
  • Both were ‘announced’ by men who had come from miraculous births. David was announced and anointed by Samuel who was conceived miraculously by his barren mother, Hannah; Jesus was announced and baptised by John the Baptist who was conceived miraculously by his barren mother, Elizabeth.
  • Both fulfilled their callings with power, authority and victory over the enemies before them, David though military might and physical warfare, Jesus with victory of sickness, demons, hunger and death through the power of God

So again, for the sake of clarity lets look at the question, will Mashiach come as Joseph, a suffering Messiah who will atone for the sin of the people, or will Mashiach comes as a warrior Messiah to conquer our enemies and make the world a righteous place once again? The Jewish people know a great deal about Mashiach and many of them are longing for Him to come, but they don’t and can’t recognise Jesus.

Let’s look at it the way the Bible presents it, using the two men we’ve been focusing on. Joseph was born long before David, and Joseph was an amazing man who went through some really terrible ordeals and suffered greatly at the hands of his own brothers. He was hated, despised, rejected, sold into slavery and went to a foreign land where he wasn’t known or understood. He became a servant and served his new master faithfully, but was betrayed and imprisoned falsely. But he was able to provide wise, godly counsel to Pharaoh, and rose to the position of Prime Minister, 2nd in all the land and through his wisdom, saved much food for the coming famine. During that famine, his family came to buy food so they’d survive. Joseph recognised them, but they didn’t recognise him. His identity was hidden from their sight. Through some intrigues, Joseph secretly revealed himself to his brothers and their eyes were opened and they recognise him.

He forgave them, they accepted him, and Joseph brought his entire family to Egypt where they were all reconciled to each other, and they were saved.

Generations later, David was born, grew up loving and fearing God, and who through military power and conquest, he defeated Israel’s enemies from their brutal, hateful waring neighbours, leading them into a time of great peace, under the reign of his son Solomon. A time known as the Israel’s golden age of peace and prosperity.

Jesus came, fulfilling hundreds of prophecies, some of which we’ve looked at in detail. He came and suffered terribly, was rejected, despised, hated and maligned and ultimately executed on trumped up charges. He was innocent, and yet rejected by His own brethren, just like Joseph, because they didn’t recognise Him and who He was. They didn’t see Him as God’s gift of atonement and salvation. But one day He’s coming back, generations after He came as Mashiach ben Yosef – Messiah son of Joseph, the suffering Messiah bringing salvation. When He comes again, He’ll be coming as Mashiach ben Da’vid – Messiah son of David, the warrior Messiah who will conquer wickedness and all those enemies who’ve refused to acknowledge Him and His sacrifice for them. And then this will happen…we’ve read this before…

Zechariah 12:10, ‘I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and supplication, so that they’ll look on Me whom they’ve pierced; and they’ll mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they’ll weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.’

When Joseph revealed Himself to his brothers, they wept over each other for their sorrow, their regret, their shame and their relief. When Jesus returns and reveals Himself to His people, they’ll also mourn, weep, express their regret, shame and relief that their Mashiach has indeed come.

That’s when the next golden age of peace and prosperity will be ushered in, not only for Israel but for the whole world.



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