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Moses or Jesus Pt 1

by | Fri, Jul 1 2022

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We’ve been learning about Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah, identifying the prophecies about Him, learning about His characteristics and works and weeding out any supposed messiahs and discarding them. We want to know who the Mashiach is, and be devoted to Him. Last time we learned about the parallels between Joseph and David and how they both parallel the life of Christ. But what about Moses? He was Israel’s deliverer at the time of the most bitter enslavement in Egypt and he was the one whom God chose to lead His people into the Promised Land. What about Moses?

I’m using yet again, the research of Dr Eitan Bar, he’s a highly qualified scholar and also a Messianic Jew from the ministry of One For Israel. It’s a fabulous site and I highly recommend it to you. Like everything else, no matter what you read, watch or listen to, check it all against Scripture, no matter who the teacher or speaker is. The Word of God MUST be the final arbiter of truth…not our favourite Bible teachers and preachers.

Exodus 33:11, ‘The Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend…’

To say that Moses had a unique and special relationship with God is an understatement. David was loved by God and God made a covenant with him, promising that a man from his lineage would reign on David throne forever. Joseph was chosen by God to deliver his people, his family actually, from certain death due to famine, and God used Joseph to save all Egypt and the surrounding nations as well. God chose Daniel and entrusted him with the prophecies for the future regarding Mashiach’s arrival, His death and ultimate victory over all the successive empires and kingdoms that were to come. God chose John the Baptist, a truly remarkable man to be the forerunner and ‘town crier’ so to speak, announcing the arrival of Mashiach. God chose many extraordinary men, amazing men but Moses was unique among them all. So much so that God spoke with him face to face like a man speaks with his friend. In fact, after being with God, Moses’ face would shine so brightly he had to walk around with a cloth over his head. That’s wild. (Exo 34:33-35; 2 Cor 3:13)

But Moses was a murderer and a whinger and some would even say he was a coward. When Moses was a young man, having been raised in Pharaoh’s house, he actually murdered an Egyptian who was harming one of the Hebrews. Moses thought that act of defending his fellow Hebrew, would endear him to the rest of the Hebrews, but they resented him. Knowing he’d be charged with a crime, or worse, executed for the crime, he fled to Midian. (Exo 2:11-22)

When Moses encountered God at the burning bush – can you image the site and then hearing the literal, audible voice of God Almighty – Aaaand, shock of all shocks, Moses complained to God that He should choose someone else to speak to Pharaoh to set the Hebrews free, and then whined about not being a good enough speaker. (Exo 3 – 4:18)

But Moses certainly did become an extraordinary leader, enduring great hardship and overcoming enormous fear and obstacles and we truly should revere Moses for obeying God and remaining so faithful while dealing with a million plus stubborn, rebellious and complaining people day after day for 40+ years.

One of the things many rabbis claim about Messianic Jews is that they reject the role and authority of Moses. Moses was never known as a rabbi, he never claimed to be a rabbi and he was never called a rabbi, however, today, rabbis refer to Moses as, ‘Our rabbi Moses.’ In fact, when debating with Messianic Jews, they’ll say things like, “we believe in Moses, not in Jesus.”

Of course, if you ask Messianic Jews if they believe in a man who lived in Israel’s past and led the people out of slavery and into the Promised Land by a man named Moses, they say they do. The interesting thing is that Moses himself actually pointed to Mashiach.

Deuteronomy 18:15, Moses said, “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your countrymen, you shall listen to Him.”

The Jewish people have always understood this prophecy of Moses to be speaking specifically about Mashiach. In the 14th century, a rabbi called Levi ben Gershon taught that the prophet Moses spoke of would in fact be Mashiach and that one of Mashiach’s roles would be to reach the Gentile world and cause them to worship the God of Israel.

Think about that for a second, a 14th century rabbi, after studying the Bible and the sacred writings, concluded that a Jewish Messiah, of whom Moses spoke of, would actually impact the world to such an extent, that the nations of the world would worship the God of Israel.

Moses didn’t achieve that, neither did any other prophet in Scripture…none but Jesus has impacted the whole world, where people in every nation on the planet worship the God of Israel!

Dr Eitan Bar then asked a question. “Do you know of a Messiah through whom the Gentiles are worshipping the God of Israel?”  In all the world, throughout the Gentile nations around the globe, what is the name of the Jewish Messiah, they worship? His name is Jesus. That in and of itself is evidence of prophecy fulfilled!

Next time we’ll learn some more about what the Jewish sages believed regarding Moses and the Mashiach.



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