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Hanukkah Feast of Dedication / Festival of Lights Pt 3

We’ve spent the last couple of programs learning about Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of Dedication and the Festival of Lights. It’s a celebration mentioned in John 10. We learned that after the Jews returned to Israel after the Babylonian exile, that the temple was rebuilt in a humble fashion, but later on it …Read More

Hanukkah Feast of Dedication / Festival of Lights Pt 2

In our last program we began learning about Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of Dedication and the Festival of Lights. This annual celebration is mentioned in the New Covenant, in John 10, it took place in the winter time and while Hanukkah isn’t one of the 7 mandatory Feasts of the Lord, it is …Read More

Hanukkah Feast of Dedication / Festival of Lights Pt 1

Each year, approximately around the time we prepare to celebrate Christmas, our Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah and it lasts for 8 days. Hanukkah isn’t one of the mandatory ‘Feasts of the Lord’ of which there are seven; Feast of Passover “Pesach” Feast of Unleavened Bread “Matzot” Feast of First Fruits “Bikkurim” Feast of Weeks “Shavuot” (Pentecost) …Read More

Christmas Pt 7 – Is It Possible That?

We’ve taken the best part of a week to look at all the characters who played a crucial role in the nativity account. There are two pivotal events in history that the human race revolves around…the birth of our Messiah and the death and resurrection of our Messiah. His purpose was to come and live …Read More

Christmas Pt 6 – Mary & Joseph?

Mary Who was the young woman chosen by God Himself to bear His only begotten Son? Mary said of herself that all generations would regard her as blessed, not because she was perfect, she even admitted that God was her Saviour, rather, she’d be considered blessed because of the privilege she was given to bear …Read More

Christmas Pt 5 – The Shepherds?

We’ve been taking our time looking at the various characters in the Nativity story; we’ve learned about who the Magi were, where they came from and why they were so interested in the birth of Jesus. We’ve learned about King Herod’s role and what this event may have meant to both him and the Romans …Read More

Christmas Pt 4 – The Jewish Priesthood?

We’ve been learning about the various characters involved in the story of the first Christmas. We’ve learned about the Magi, who they were and where they came from. We learned about how they were learned in all areas of their domain from commerce, government and national laws, to experts on religion, societal traditions and also …Read More

Christmas Pt 3 – King Herod & The Romans

We’ve begun to look at the various characters in the Christmas story and so far we’ve looked at who the Magi/Wise Men were. We’ve also looked at the astronomical aspect of the Nativity account – the ‘star’ that motivated the Magi to make the long trek across the desert from Persia to Judea to worship …Read More

Christmas Pt 2 – What On Earth Is The Mazzaroth?

The differences between the Hebrew Mazzeroth and the Zodiac are vast and cannot be properly explained within the limits of this basic overview but I will attempt to cover the essentials. Zodiac: ‘An imaginary belt extending 8° either side of the ecliptic, which contains the 12 zodiacal constellations and within which the moon and planets …Read More

Christmas Pt 1 – Who Were The Magi?

Matthew 2:1-3, ‘Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, Magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” When Herod the king …Read More

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