Foundations with Mandy & Robbo

Moses or Jesus Pt 1

We’ve been learning about Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah, identifying the prophecies about Him, learning about His characteristics and works and weeding out any supposed messiahs and discarding them. We want to know who the Mashiach is, and be devoted to Him. Last time we learned about the parallels between Joseph and David and how they …Read More

Joseph & David Parallel The Life Of Mashiach Pt 4

For a last several programs, we’ve focused on the parallel characteristics between Joseph and David, because previously, we learned that most rabbis believe that there are two Messiahs to come, or that one of two of these possible Messiahs will come. Either Mashiach ben Yosef – Messiah son of Joseph, the suffering Messiah. Or, Mashiach …Read More

Joseph & David Parallel The Life Of Mashiach Pt 3

For the last couple of programs, we spent time looking at how the Old Covenant characters of Joseph and David parallel each other. What is it about these two men that make rabbis look at the possibility of two possible Messiahs? A Messiah like Joseph who suffered for his family or a Messiah like David, …Read More

Joseph & David Parallel The Life Of Mashiach Pt 2

We began looking at the parallels between the lives of Joseph, the son of Jacob and David, king of Israel. The Jewish people, as we’ve already discussed, have identified two messiahs in the prophecies of the Bible. Mashiach ben Yosef, a suffering Messiah who is like Joseph, the son of Jacob. Or, the other possibility …Read More

Joseph & David Parallel The Life Of Mashiach Pt 1

We’ve been focusing specifically on the life and person of Mashiach, the prophesied Messiah of the Jewish people for some time. We’ve looked at the prophecies themselves and the mathematical probabilities of one single individual fulfilling them all. We’ve looked at the fact that there have been so many self-proclaimed Messiahs throughout history that it …Read More

Two Messiahs? Pt 3

Mashiach has been our topic for quite some time. The Bible has a lot to say about Him and in fact, He is the central figure of the entire Bible, followed second by the people of Israel, from whom Mashiach comes. He has what is the most important role in human history…to redeem fallen man. …Read More

Two Messiahs? Pt 2

Last time, we began understanding how to the Jewish mind, there is a possibility of two Messiahs, and the reason they hold to this view is because when you look at all the prophecies about the coming Mashiach, you get two very distinct pictures. You see very clearly the picture of a suffering Messiah, who …Read More

Two Messiahs? Pt 1

We’re in a series about Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah spoken of so much in the Bible, Christians believe Messiah to be none other than Yeshua – Jesus Christ. Jews cannot believe Him to be their Mashiach because they say He didn’t achieve what they believe Mashiach is supposed to achieve when He comes. The problem …Read More

The Forbidden Chapter Pt 7

The Mashiach has been probably the most important personality in Judaism since it’s beginning. The Jewish people have been looking for, waiting for, and longing for Mashiach throughout their entire history, and with good reason. They’ve been a very persecuted people. While Christians believe Jesus is their Mashiach, they do not and its for that …Read More

The Forbidden Chapter Pt 6

We’ve been in a series that’s been dedicated to learn about the characteristics, nature and identity of Mashiach, who He is, when He would come, why He would come and what He’d achieve. We’ve looked at a lot of information and we learned that there’s a particular chapter in the Bible that made life very …Read More

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