Foundations with Mandy & Robbo

Messiah: Suffering Servant Or Victorious King? Pt 1

We mentioned in a previous program while discussing the identity of the person mentioned in Isaiah 53 that rabbis and religious Jewish leaders for most of the past 2000 years have denied that the identity is that of the Messiah, and that rather it’s talking about the Jewish people as an ethnic collective. We know …Read More

What Does The Word ‘Hebrew’ Mean?

Abram was called “Abraham the Hebrew” in Genesis 14:13, which is the first time that the word is used in the Bible. Where did this term come from, and what does it mean? The word “Hebrew” in the Hebrew language is עברי (Ivrie). The root letters that are used mean cross over, or pass through. …Read More

Stringing Pearls

Jesus taught from the Old Covenant Scriptures and He used techniques that were common practice by rabbis and teachers for hundreds of years. One of those techniques was called ‘Gezerah Shevah’ or ‘Comparison of Equals’ which basically means that a passage of Scripture can expand on another passage of Scripture if they share the same …Read More

Isaiah 53: About Messiah or The People of Israel? Pt 2

In our last program we learned that historically, Jewish rabbis and sages, or Jewish religious authorities always believed that the identity of the Servant mentioned in Isaiah 53 was that of their future Messiah. However, in later centuries, in a bid to combat the ever-growing belief or teaching in Christianity that the Messiah was identified …Read More

Isaiah 53: About Messiah or The People of Israel? Pt 1

Without a doubt, Isaiah 53 is one of the most significant chapters in the Old Covenant regarding the Messiah. It’s also one of the most troubling chapters for the rabbis, because it prophesies very clearly that the Messiah will be rejected by His own people, will suffer, and will die for the sins of humanity. …Read More

Doors & Ear Piercings Pt 3

Over the last couple of programs we’ve looked a little more closely at what it meant to be a slave, or more specifically a bond-slave in ancient Israel and the process that took place when a slave decided that he didn’t want to leave his master after six years of service, but wanted to rather …Read More

Doors & Ear Piercings Pt 2

Last time we began looking at what slavery looked like in ancient Israel and how it was completely different to slavery in the rest of the world. Slavery was a fact of life in that time, sadly it still is today, however God’s view of slavery doesn’t look anything like the world’s standard of slavery. …Read More

Doors & Ear Piercings Pt 1

When we learned about the names of God, one of the names we learned about was the name Adonai, which means Lord, Master and even Owner and we tackled the uncomfortable truth that if we who know, love and worship God – Adonai, then we belong to Him, He owns us and we are His …Read More

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