Foundations with Mandy & Robbo

Tisha B’av – 9th Of Av

Tisha B’av is a day of sadness in the Jewish calendar for Jews all around the world. It’s a date of several anniversaries marking events that were catastrophes for the Jews. This date reminds them of oppression and violence that caused enormous suffering for them as a people. While celebrating is not really the right …Read More

The Real Treasure Chest

How many arks are in the Bible? First up we can think of 2; there’s Noah’s Ark first mentioned in Genesis 6. This ark was built by Noah at God’s command and it was built for the purpose of saving both the human race and the animal kingdom from annihilation when God flooded the earth …Read More

What Christianity and Judaism Are Supposed to be Built On Pt 2

In the last program, we started out saying that we’re going to learn what our faith is supposed to be built on. We started off by looking at the 2 different Diaspora’s that have taken place to the Jewish people; first there was the 70 year Babylonian Diaspora, and then there was the second Diaspora …Read More

What Christianity and Judaism Are Supposed to be Built On Pt 1

Over the next couple of programs we’re going to look at what our faith is supposed to be built on. We’ve mentioned before the first Diaspora, which was when the Jews were taken into captivity to Babylon after the destruction of the first Temple. That Diaspora had a time limit to it. 70 years. (Jer …Read More

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, ‘There’s an appointed time for everything. And there’s a time for every event under heaven – a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. A time to kill and a time to heal; a time to tear down and …Read More

His Name

We spent the last couple of programs looking at the purpose of the supposedly boring lists of names, places, dates and so on in the Bible and discovered that while reading a list of names can be boring, they serve very important purposes that we can learn a lot from. We’ve also touched several times …Read More

Another Boring List Pt 1

We know it’s important to read our Bibles as well as study them. Some passages are wonderful to read, some passages are confusing and some are really, really boring. Some of the most boring passages in both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures are the genealogies…the seemingly never-ending lists of names. So and so begat …Read More

Sin vs Sin Pt 2

In the last program we looked at the fact that usually when we think of sin, we think of a bad action, which is correct, but it’s only half correct because the action comes about because of the condition of the sinful nature of man and we get to thank our first parents, Adam and …Read More

Sin vs Sin Pt 1

During a friendly “spiritual conversation” one believer said to another believer, “I believe we can get to a place where we no longer sin.” For many Christians today we think of sin as being a bad or wrongful action or behaviour which is true but only partially true. The concept of ‘sin’ is much more …Read More

One Plan Of Redemption Or Two?

Sin first entered into the world in Eden when Adam and Eve sinned by eating fruit the Lord said was forbidden. That was the first time in human history that man rebelled against God. However, this particular sin infected our first parents and sin was then passed on to every other human being. Sin is …Read More

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