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Help people look to God daily via Vision Christian Raio.

Vision Christian Radio began life in 1999 in the Queensland town of Beaudesert – using a one-watt FM transmitter and the name Vision FM.

Since then, our radio network has exploded all over the country, and new stations are coming on nearly every week. Today, Vision is heard in every state capital and in hundreds of regional locations, bringing hope and encouragement 24/7 to hundreds of thousands of people.

Give a town the gift of Christian radio!

Our dream is Trusted Christian Media for every Australian. We’re especially aware of those in outback towns because these people often don’t have regular access to a church, or even Christian friends to share with, so for them Vision is family in the midst of isolation.

Make an investment in Australia by helping start a Vision relay station in an Australian town. Your support could mean that in a very short space of time a station is installed and broadcasting a positive, encouraging message of hope in Jesus Christ.

To donate towards a station click here.

Can you help in other ways?

There are many ways you can assist to get a station on air.

If you believe you might be able to help, we’d love to hear from you!

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