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Child abuse, anorexia, bulimia and coma! See how God kept saving this woman’s life

by | Wed, Jun 15 2016

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Child abuse would have to be one of the most monstrous ways Satan can use to harm a life.  The damage created on that young life tends to trigger a domino effect that ripples for years if not a lifetime as the person attempts to deal with the pain, the shame and the fear.

This is exactly what Satan intended from the very beginning, to put a barrier between the abused victim and God, and to stop them from achieving what God planned for their life. Yet God is our rescuer and this story shows how God never gives up on one of His children, how He kept fighting for this woman’s life amidst the ongoing attack.

At four years of age a boy who was eight years older than her abused her. This horrific act continued till she was 12 years old.  She recalls how the young boy used the name of God to threaten her by saying that,  “if I told anyone, God would punish me.”

Through her teenage years and into her adult life that threat was in her mind and thinking that God was punishing her, ‘but technically I was punishing myself for the actions of others.” She said.

In an attempt to bury her shame, she started drinking and smoking marijuana, and at the age of nine she developed bulimia followed by anorexia. Her weight reached barely 28 kilograms and in an attempt to save her life she was induced into a coma. Miraculously she survived.

One night the young woman returned home to care for her sick mother. Her mother had courageously migrated to Australia and had been the strength for the family ever since her husband had left her with two young children to return back to Italy. After loosing everything in the 1991 recession, she had a nervous breakdown and two failed suicide attempts.

During the night her mum turned on her whilst she slept and attacked her.  The woman remembers waking up and her mum was just lying there without moving and thought she was dead. She recalls. “Only God knows how I managed to get out of that room, and open a double dead-locked door with both hands cut.”

The young woman spent the next three weeks hospitalised and not talking to anyone except for “Crying to God…and asking Him, why?”

Realising she would never know why her mother turned on her caused her torment. Whilst in hospital she remembers one night waking up from a nightmare. A nurse approached her, the young woman cried out thinking the woman approaching was her mother coming back to attack her.

The nurse reassured her, that the mum could not come to attack her, because she was in intensive care.  Shocked that her mum was alive, she asked the nurse to write a note and deliver this to her mum and read it to her. The note read,

“Mum, I don’t know why you did it, but I know you did not mean it. Please wake up!”  Her mum miraculously woke up from her coma.

“My mission in life is that… I live for Him, with Him, in Him. He lives in me and I can not help but spread the word.”

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