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“I was told my unborn child had no heartbeat.” Discover how God turned this woman’s loss into hope for others

by | Mon, Jun 13 2016

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As parents, there can be no more traumatic experience than the loss of a baby. So, how do you praise God at a time like this?

She was sitting alone in a hospital room. A doctor had just told her that her unborn son, Samson, had no heartbeat.

It was in this dark moment that she heard the voice of God. “God spoke to me so clearly,” she explained, “and He said, now is the time to give me praise.”

In that moment, she struggled to be thankful, but she fought back her grief and in her prayer she thanked God for letting her carry Samson for nine months, and for supporting her in her time of need.

Her next son spent nine days in intensive care after he was born. It was during this time that she met a woman at the hospital whose daughter had just past-away, and she was able to share her personal story of Samson, and what God had said to her.

After praying together, the grieving woman said that knowing she had gotten through her ordeal would help her face her own grief and give her hope.

At this point she began to see that God had been using her to help someone else in despair, and got to see a glimpse of the higher purpose behind her tragedy.

Through the grief of losing a child, and the fear of losing another, God was with her, guiding her and comforting her.  She explained, “true to His Word He’s always there with us, in everything.”


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