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Are Your Prayers Going Unanswered?

by | Thu, Jul 18 2019

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How many of you have prayed for something again and again, but nothing appears to happen? Perhaps it even leads to wondering whether or not God even heard your prayer.

In a broad sense, all prayers are in fact answered, so when we say that God didn’t answer our prayer, what we’re really saying is that God didn’t say yes to our request.

However, ‘no’ or ‘wait’ are just as much answers to prayer as ‘yes’ is.

In this sermon Greg Laurie unpacks in full five reasons why God isn’t saying ‘yes’ to your prayer requests. You can watch the full message in the video above, or the two part audio podcast from Greg’s Vision Christian Radio program, A New Beginning, below.

The Five Reasons in summary are:
1. You don’t have a relationship with God.
2. Unconfessed and wilful sin hinders our prayers. (Psalm 66:18)
3. Selfishness can hinder our prayers. (James 4:3)
4. Having idols, which includes anything or anyone that takes the place of God in our lives, can hinder our prayers. (Ezekiel 14:3)
5. Unforgiveness can hinder our prayers.

Listen or watch the sermon about what to do if any of these five reasons (and a bonus sixth) to find out how to remedy them and get affirmative answers to your prayers.

Part 1

Listen to ‘A New Beginning’ with Pastor Greg Laurie weekdays on Vision Christian Radio.  Find your local times and more messages here.

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