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Jason knows first-hand from his work as a chaplain and an age-and-disability worker how important the message of Jesus is. His infectious enthusiasm for Vision as a medium of spreading the Gospel shines through as he talks.

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Fiona & Drew

‘We are part of a small church in a small country town―sometimes it seems like we’re just a small remnant. Vision radio has helped us realise we are actually part of a large family…’

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It had been almost seven years since the last Vision station was installed in the Northern Territory when Hazel found out that aboriginal communities across Australia were getting Christian radio. ‘And then I found out it was going to cost $5000 and I said, “Ah, forget it!”’

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When you talk to Kerry you quickly discover she is a woman with a heart for God and an ear for His voice. Kerry knows little about radio but has played a key part in seeing God’s word freely available in her city through Vision.

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In the small dust-dry towns of outback Queensland, the heartbreak is well-hidden behind rough, tough exteriors. But Liz has found a way to build trust and minister into the quiet desperation experienced in these hard, God-resistant places.

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Kevin & Anne

Starting back in 2009 with just a personal copy of The Word for Today, Kevin Summers and his wife Anne realised it was a devotional with a huge potential for outreach. So they got a few more, and then a few more.

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How can you be involved?

A Vision as big as ours needs your help. Here are some easy ways.

Tell others

If you love what we do and want as many people as possible to know about it, there are some very simple ways you can help – from telling your friends about us through to becoming a Vision Advocate in your community. We can help by giving you resources to get the word out about Vision to your church, your friends, your family and your neighbours. Discover more by clicking below.

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Prayer is powerful, and amazing! The God of Heaven has given us a means to hear His voice and to bring our needs to Him anywhere, anytime. We achieve nothing without prayer. Join our prayer team and make a lifelong difference to our ministry.

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Every dollar you give helps us connect faith to life for thousands to Aussies – you may even be one of them! Vision has been built on the faith and generosity of people who understand the power of partnership, and your donation will help us continue. You may even like to consider supporting us monthly by credit card or direct debit.

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People are at the heart of Vision. God’s given each of us different gifts – which is just as well, because it takes a diverse range of gifts to keep bringing life and hope across Australia 24/7. The opportunities for you to help out are as unique as your gifts. Talk to us to find out how you can help.

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Fund a station

Vision Christian Radio began life in 1999 in the Queensland town of Beaudesert – using a one-watt FM transmitter and the name Vision FM. Now, we’re everywhere around Australia, from the tiniest towns to the biggest cities, thanks to people who saw a need. How can you help? Make an investment in Australia by helping start a Vision relay station in an Australian town.

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Join the team

We are an Australia-wide team of volunteers and staff, and together we’re reaching our nation for Jesus.

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