MONTHLY GIVINGExtra Mile Partner (logo)

Monthly Gifts help in a big way

Imagine not knowing what your income was going to be each week – planning anything would be a nightmare!

That’s where Vision’s monthly givers play a very important role because they help us to be able to plan with some certainty, knowing that we can count on their regular gift each month – which is very important when you look at how our operating costs are covered!

We call these wonderful monthly givers Extra Mile Partners. Today, you are invited to join them. Here’s how:

  • By credit card – just use the form below and tick the “give monthly” box.
  • By Direct Debit from your bank account, just print this PDF form and mail it to us.

The size of your monthly gift is completely up to you, what is most important is knowing that you will be standing with us to reach our nation with the Gospel.