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Our history

Vision Christian Media is a testament to God’s faithfulness. Established in 1988 at the initiative of United Christian Broadcasters International, from day one we have been committed to broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ through a variety of media. Although Vision is independent, we retain a close alliance and working relationship with other similar groups worldwide, through UCB International.

From the Chairman’s address to the first meeting of Directors in 1988

From the Chairman’s address to the first meeting of Directors in 1988

For most of our history we have been known as UCB Australia but, in 2015, we changed our name to Vision Christian Media.

The only viable opportunity for Christian radio in the early years was through ‘Community’ licences.

This meant much of our work in the early years involved lots of travelling, meetings, and phone calls — resulting in the establishment of over 30 independent Christian radio groups across Australia, most of whom successfully attained licenses. For many years we supported these stations with programming, management, technical assistance, fundraising and a whole lot more. It was during this time that we started publishing The Word for Today.

Then, in the late 1990s, we became a broadcaster in our own right, launching Vision FM (now known as Vision Christian Radio). Over time, our role as a support group to the other stations diminished as they began to mature and also as our own radio network began to grow.

The term ‘broadcast’ is actually an agricultural word meaning to ‘broadly cast seed’. That’s what we do every single day through a range of media ministry products, including:

  • Vision Christian Radio, heard nationally on FM, AM, websites, apps and satellite
  • Vision180 radio (our youth station). With just one FM outlet in St George QLD, it’s a radio baby compared to its big brother — but is also available via our website and free app
  • The hugely popular daily devotionals, The Word for Today and WORD4TODAY (our youth devotional, published as part of Vision180 Magazine)
  • Our resources arm, Vision Christian Store, which provides quality teaching in books, CDs and DVDs
  • Our confidential prayer request service, Vision Christian Prayer
  • Tours to Israel through Vision Christian Tours
  • Vision National News, a Christian worldview news service, heard on our own stations plus around 20 other radio stations around Australia

Vision‘s history reveals a wonderful journey of faith and growth. Read our story in more detail below.