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Can you help us secure 104.3FM Hobart for the Gospel?

A high power FM licence covering all of Hobart is about to be released by the Government at auction. 104.3FM is a ten thousand watt licence on top of Mount Wellington which will reach over a quarter of a million people living in and around Tasmania’s capital city.

We are gearing up to bid with a good amount of funds on hand already, but more will be needed for the battle! Every donation will help, especially larger amounts from those who are able to either give now or commit to giving over a period of time.

If you long to see revival in the heart of every Australian like we do – including those in Hobart, then please prayerfully consider how you could help Vision secure this important high power FM licence for the gospel, for generations to come.

Donations are tax deductible.

Vision’s CEO Phil Edwards shares about this exciting opportunity.






Current vs. Proposed Coverage

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It has been a blessing to be able to secure low powered stations across Hobart – but they are not ideal, with each having a reach of only around 5km, resulting in very patchy signal coverage, multiple frequencies and large gaps.

The purchase of 104.3FM will give Vision a single frequency with coverage over a 70km zone comparable to commercial and ABC stations!

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How Much is Needed?

We estimate the final price will be many hundreds of thousands of dollars, with interest in the licence expected to be strong.

We already have a good amount of funds available, but more is needed urgently to ensure we have a fighting chance to secure this important license.

With your help, this opportunity can become a REALITY!

Two easy ways you can be involved

Donate now an amount of your choosing now (prior to auction).

Make a pledge commitment to be fulfilled as soon as you can after the auction (either as a lump sum or instalments over a period of time).

How much should I give?

All gifts are very welcome, however with the short time frame we urgently need gifts (or commitments) of larger amounts to quickly build on our war chest. We already have several hundred thousand dollars, so your gift could be the extra push we need at auction.

When is my gift needed?

In order to be able to bid with confidence, your response is needed
before the auction (which will be on or after 6 Aug 2021). Payment of any pledges would ideally be received within 12 months.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! Your donation would be in aid of Vision’s DGR fund (The UCB Australia Development Fund which is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient with the Australian Tax Office).

What if Vision does not win at auction?

When you give, we will ask you what you would like us to do with your donation/pledges in the event we are unsuccessful at auction. You may choose to;

– Redirect gifts to be used for other similar opportunities nationwide (eg license acquisitions and infrastructure needs), or;

– Have your gift refunded and/or pledges cancelled.

Other Ways to Give

Give Now by Funds Transfer

Please contact us on 1800 007770 or email admin@vision.org.au for further details.

Give Now by Cheque

Print and complete your details in the attached response form.

Send with your cheque to:
Vision Christian Media,
Locked bag 3, Springwood QLD 4127

Donate to vision

Over 80% of our income is from the freewill gifts of wonderful people just like you.
So thank you for helping. Your generous support is 'Connecting Faith to Life'.