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A Person’s True Wealth

by | Tue, Sep 8 2020

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In his message, A Person’s True Wealth, Pastor Jeff Vines challenges us to give our first fruits to God. Only that which is given away does God promise to expand. But we first have to acknowledge our heavenly father as the provider of all things.

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God is a Heavenly Father who desperately wants to bless His children. Yet there is no formula to guarantee that blessing is going to happen. You are safe in your salvation because of what Jesus did on the cross, but tithing is an act of worship that involves giving back to God what is rightfully His.

“The Bible is very clear about God’s plan to redeem us and to reveal what He is like,” says Jeff. “God is not an enabler; He does not reward bad behaviour. There is a principle at stake. If you want God to bless an area of your life, you have to give Him the first portions of that area. That’s where the blessed life begins.”

“God gave his firstborn son, and He redeemed mankind.”

Jeff firmly believes in the principle that something must be blessed before it can multiply. The first fruits of our lives are holy and consecrated, set aside for God. But it can only be blessed if it’s brought to God.

“Only what is given away can be multiplied,” continues Jeff. “We have to actively give away what Jesus has blessed beforehand. The miracle happens as we give away what we think is not enough. The more we give away, the more God expands what little we have. Tithing is not giving, it’s returning. We are bringing back to the Lord what belongs to Him.”

Jeff explains that the first portions of all of our lives belong to God. He doesn’t expand our resources unless we are faithful in what He’s already given us. There are seasons of our lives when He sends us a little extra to see what we’ll do with it.

“In the seasons where God sends a little extra and I spend it on myself, He stops sending it,” says Jeff. “What I need to ask is how can I use this to expand Christ’s kingdom? When I do that, then everything seems to just keep on expanding.”

“Jesus didn’t tithe His life; He gave it all. The new testament example for tithing is to give everything.”

“Grace inspires much more than the law ever required,” continues Jeff. “You don’t have to, you’re inspired to. Greed surrenders to generosity when conversion of your heart to God happens.”

Jeff believes that God knows your motivation, and you can’t fool Him. Tell Him that you want to be used to expand His kingdom, and pray that He will expand your time, your talent, and your finances to do that. True wealth is not in what you keep, but in what you give away.

Once you believe that everything is in Christ, your life will change dramatically. The power of God’s word change lives.

“Jesus is our ultimate example of a life well lived,” says Jeff.

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