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But I’m Single – Pastor Jeff Vines

by | Sun, Sep 17 2023

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In part 2 of his Powerhouse series, Pastor Jeff Vines challenges the misconception that being single is somehow lesser. There is a mistaken belief amongst Christians that marriage and sex are the pinnacle of Christian life.

Jeff wants you to understand that Christianity says you can live life to the fullest being single. God can use you to your fullest capacity as a single adult. If you’re single, this encouragement is for you!

For Pastor Jeff Vines, one of the hardest times of his life was being single.  The rejections, and the constant questions about girlfriends and marriage made him feel as if singleness was some kind of disease.

‘We have to learn to harmonise what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 7:27 with the exalted view of marriage that he later gives in Ephesians. We live in the overlap of the ages.  The old world still exists, but the new has crossed over’, Jeff says.

Paul tells us to do everything with eternity in mind.  He mentions working hard, spending money, seasons of mourning and our experience of joy. But all these things are temporary. Our ultimate family is in heaven, so we are not to give in to what our hearts desire.

‘There is an equality to marriage and singleness,’ Jeff continues. ‘When you’re single you are free from other concerns.  But when you’re married, you experience the frustration of trying to please your partner. Singleness is an opportunity to love Christ and serve the church with undivided devotion.’

Jeff goes on to say that marriage was never designed to give us what we ultimately want.  The true intimacy we are searching for is only found in the arms of Jesus.

‘Singleness is a viable paradigm to successfully live an adult life,’ Jeff states. ‘Single Christians gravitate towards Jesus and are able to give their undivided attention to the kingdom of God.’

‘They also have the potential to go deeper with more people. Singles take the chance to get to know their brothers and sisters in Christ and become a greater part of the family of God. Their offspring has no boundaries.’

Jeff also comments on the fact that being single affords greater mobility.  God is able to call them on great missions around the world, and they are a testimony of purity.  Their ministry is uniquely effective, and they gain many spiritual relatives.

‘Your ministry is not determined by whether you are married or single.  It is based on the depth of your character,’ says Jeff.

Jeff also talks about the role that western culture has played in our perceptions of sex. We are constantly bombarded with images, but Jeff says it’s our call to Christ that matters most.

‘What are you watching?  What are you listening to? If you immerse yourself in God’s word, His spirit will give you a sensitivity to purity.’

Jeff also shares his top 3 tips for dating:

1. Don’t be unequally yoked
2. Don’t be so picky
3. Seek approval from spiritual mentors<

‘Ultimately, the unconditional love and acceptance we seek in this life is penultimate to the great wedding feast that Jesus invites us to. We have a saviour that forgives us and invites us into a family that we can never be booted out of! We should all want to be there, with the lover of our soul for eternity.’

Listen to Jeff’s entire message below…

Part 1

Part 2

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Visionathon Will you stand with us?
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