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by | Tue, Mar 16 2021

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Pastor Jeff Vines
Pastor Jeff Vines

In this teaching from Pastor Jeff Vines, he asks the pivotal question ’what are we doing with our lives?’ How are we using what we have and what we’re good at, to bring good to others?

In the two part podcast above, Jeff challenges the church to be the beacon of light that the community so desperately needs, and asks us all to examine what we’re doing, and put words into actions.

Jeff starts by asking what he says is the biggest, most important question: What are you doing with your life? “What are your goals? What are your objectives? What’s your life about? How do you use the gifts and talents that God has given you?”

“Every life has to ask that question sooner or later,” Jeff says. “The unexamined life is not worth living. You have to come face to face with yourself.”

Jeff challenges us as the Church to examine what we are doing to help the community. “Are we a place of healing? Are there people here who won’t judge? Who really do love those who are struggling? Is there understanding, love and value here? Do we tell people that God has a plan in the midst of their pain?”

“Sometimes rain pours in a person’s life and there is no explanation. The church needs to go beyond offering some kind of superficial encouraging words, and do something to help.”

Jeff believes people who are hurting need someone to genuinely love them. “If a young life doesn’t have a spiritual transformation by the age of eighteen, then they probably never will. People need to be loved and encouraged in their intrinsic worth and the love of God. They need to be coached and mentored.”

This is not a message about what we should be doing. But about what God is willing to do through us.

Jeff says that we had better be willing to live what we preach. What good is prayer without action?

“The vision and the call God has on our lives and the church is to become the first place anybody comes when they have a need. They will come here to be helped and to be loved. We will actively meet the needs of the community, and fulfill Jesus dream and to become the city on the hill.”

Jeff believes we should hold all our possessions lightly. “The early Church brought everybody together and helped whenever anybody had a need. They knew how to do good.”

“There are many times we read in the Bible where everybody ran away from sickness and suffering, but the Christians ran towards it. And God provided wonders and signs and there was a gladness and sincerity of heart. The people praised God and they had His favour over all people.”

No one is going to care what you have in your head, until they see it in your heart and you demonstrate it with your hands.

Jeff says that we all know the most important commandments that Jesus gave; love the lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and your neighbour as yourself. “The vision is that there would be a fully devoted follower of Christ in every home. The poor are connected to all of us, because spiritual transformation comes when we help others. Jesus knew that to bring the good news of the gospel is to get involved in the needs of people. When they see your love for them in action, they will listen to your gospel.

“Are you in the game? Are you using your potential? What are you doing with your life?”

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