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The Masterpiece in You

by | Mon, Nov 23 2020

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In his message, The Masterpiece in You, Jeff Vines encourages us to reset the trajectory of our lives towards the things of God, and not our own desires or what the world says we should be. You can’t fool God; He knows if you are about you or about Him. If you’re about Him, He will raise you up and the masterpiece that is within you will come out.

We need to keep striving towards excellence and purpose. Jeff tells us to make a change. The enemy wants to keep us mundane and average. If the masterpiece that is in you comes out, your sphere of influence is going to grow. God can use you and you end up being an ambassador for the gospel of Jesus Christ in your marketplace.
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Jeff says, “The deceiver doesn’t want us to reach our God given potential. But each day we can start afresh. Christians represent the law of God. The world has made a concerted effort to silence the voices of Christ followers. Our culture wants to eradicate the sacred and convince us that man doesn’t need God. People try to make sure that all public activity is free from any reference to religion. But we are more divided than ever.”

Belief in God brings life and vitality, yet Christians no longer have a seat at the public arena. We are told to keep our religious views out of public spaces. But you cannot alienate who you are in private with who you are in public. Your world view will influence your decisions and Christians should not be separated from everyone else.

Jeff goes on to talk about the disdain Christians experience today, and the ignorance of how we view prayer. “We pray for the grace of God and the transformation of our nation. Prayer is not to change God, its to change us. Prayer is exactly what our nations need. Prayer changes everything. If we evict God, we evict prayer and that’s when evil comes in.”

The world wants a God without accountability, where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. But we need to stop complaining about our world unless we are aggressive about training the next generation.

“Do you point your children toward Jesus?”, Jeff asks. “The bible is the foundation for our lives. We need to teach our children to reject anything that opposes the word of God. Do you monitor those Godless messages that they see on the TV and receive on their mobiles? Do you explain the opposing world view, or let Godlessness run free with no explanation?”

We need to model worship in our lives. What are we modelling for our children and grandchildren? That is where we must start if we want to change a generation. God watches us every day. How much effort do we put into the kingdom of God, especially for the next generation?

Jeff says, “We severely underestimate what we can become because we are overwhelmed with our circumstances. But we can experience the miracle of God working in our lives. Stand strong and tell the devil to go back to hell!”
God can and will pour out His blessings on your hard work and effort. But if you’re not risking, you’re not living. As you get older, you know the possibilities of danger. Yet we are made to walk forward!

Jeffs advice: “Focus on what really matters. The word of God is the final authority. Ultimately, we are all going to heaven, but there is still a calling on our life here and now. God wants us to be successful in whatever we do. He wants the masterpiece to come out, so that people will stand back in awe of what God has done in our lives. Give your very best to whatever God has called you to, so He can raise you up to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. God exalts people who are faithful to Him.”

Listen to the rest of Jeff’s message below.

Part 1

Part 2

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