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What Will Heaven Look Like?

by | Tue, Oct 27 2020

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In his message (video above, audio below), What Heaven will Look Like, Jeff Vines challenges us to ask the question “Am I really in the kingdom of God? Am I living my life in such a way that I will be part of an eternal kingdom that is unshakeable?” Jeff talks about what we’ll look like in heaven, and what being renewed and restored to our maker in eternity will mean.

We must stay the course to achieve what God has called us to achieve. In Jesus’s time of need, the disciples were weak and fell asleep. The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Our bodies struggle to do what is right and honourable. In our spirit we want to do what’s good, but the sin in us wants to do what is wrong.

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Part 2

Jeff says, “We long for our flesh to be in harmony with the sprit. Our passion to do the right thing has very little to do with the unholy emotions within us.

We believe in the good, but the flesh desires something different. Right now, we have a redeemed spirit incarcerated in the flesh. The greatest attribute of our new body will be that the new flesh will be able to do what the sprit desires. They will work in harmony, capable of doing what the spirit knows and wants to do.”

There cannot be an absence of holiness in our lives. The spirit of God lives in us, sown in dishonour and raised in glory. Sown in weakness raised in power. Jesus was crucified in weakness, but now He lives in the power of God. We too give up control and submit to God in all things. Presently in bodily form we should live humble lives. That means giving up all of our rights to God, even our very lives. We, like Christ, because we have humbled ourselves, will be lifted up.

Jeff continues, “Why has God allowed the coronavirus? I say, to answer that question you have to ask what is the ultimate goal of your life? Shouldn’t it be the same as God’s ultimate goal for your life? Your greatest desire should be consistent and in harmony with Him. To desire heaven where there are no barriers. He has given everything to us so He would not lose us. God can use us in whatever way he desires to achieve his ultimate objective, and He will sometimes allow tragedy so that we might be awakened to how temporary this world is, and place our faith in what is to come.”

No one has the mind to fathom what God allows in this world. God owns everything. God can recover but we can’t. God can allow life to be lost and recover it to an infinitely greater degree. Only He can restore it. Those of us who have humbled ourselves realise that we belong to God. We are here to bring those who don’t know Him closer. Heaven is based on faithfulness, not results. That is a by-product of humbling ourselves at the cross, that one day we will be raised up.

Jeff believes we have two bodies, one is natural, one is spiritual. “The natural is limited to the physical world, but the spiritual not limited to the physical sphere. There are places on earth that we cannot go. The new body we will be given is no longer subject to the law of nature. That’s the best news ever! We won’t be limited. We will experience the fullness of God’s creation. If you want to know what your body will be like in Heaven, take a look at Jesus’ body after the resurrection.”

Jesus steps into time and space, and then steps out of it. Because in heaven we can do things for the sheer pleasure of it. We will have a body of splendour that shines like the moon and the stars.

Jeff says, “We will have bodies, we will know each other, we will please God and one another, there will be no sin and death, and we will be in harmony with all that God has made. One day we will see what no eye has seen.”

Listen to the rest of Jeff’s message below.
Part 1

Part 2

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