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What’s More Important in Marriage; Being Politically Correct, or Biblically Correct?

by | Wed, Feb 19 2020

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Pastor Jeff Vines shares a challenging message aimed at women about the true meaning of submission in a marriage.

Marriage can be a very challenging topic for the many families who are living in broken and fractured homes.

Maybe your family of origin did not provide the security and sense of belonging you desired as a child, and you wonder how can you change that? It’s true we can’t go back and erase the past, but we can start equipping ourselves and our young people to see Jesus have an impact on their families in the present and the future.

Jeff Vines tackles the topic of submission in a marriage, and encourages women to find a way to capture their husband’s hearts. The Bible tells wives to submit to their husband’s as they do to the Lord, but this is a statement that stirs up much debate in the church today. However, Jeff challenges us to be more concerned with what is “biblically correct” than with what our culture dictates.

A man is wired to lead, and he wants to be productive and effective in this world. But men find it difficult to love unconditionally. A man must learn to love and lead his wife sacrificially, so that together they can carry out the mission of Christ. But often women find it difficult to submit, and sadly often become their husband’s greatest competitor instead of his helper.

According to Jeff, these are the three most important things a wife can do for her husband.

 1. Listen to him and treat him with honour and respect.
 2. Submit to him, and create the space in your marriage for him to lead.
 3. Admire him and encourage him to become everything that he can be.

But men, it starts with you!
– Jeff Vines

Watch Jeff Vines’ full message in the video above, or listen to the two part audio podcast from his Vision Christian Radio program.

Part 1

Part 2

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