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Who Gets to Go to Heaven?

by | Thu, Apr 14 2022

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So many people believe that good people go to Heaven, but how good is good enough? On Today with Jeff Vines, Pastor Jeff tackles the question of Heaven – Who Gets There? It might sound like a simple question, but the answer is much more complicated. Not everyone is Heaven bound, but can anyone earn a place? Will God save everyone?

Jeff begins by saying that when Jesus came to this earth, he was facing a deeply flawed system. “And that deeply flawed system has been gaining momentum ever since He came. People have been asking since the beginning of time how do I get in to Heaven? We want to believe that good people go to Heaven. Yet Jesus spent approximately 75% of his ministry debunking that idea. It is deeply flawed.”

Jeff says that over his years in ministry, nearly every person who believed that, also believed that all religions take you Heaven. “They think that it doesn’t matter what denomination of Christianity you follow because at the end of time, God is only looking for good people. “

“You might even ask yourself why am I going to Heaven and have your answers ready. Well, I go to church, I give my time, I donate my money and I pray and read my bible. Based on the philosophy that good people go to Heaven I’m ok. I’m not perfect, but I’m basically good.”

Jeff believes that people like this scenario because most of them believe they’re inherently good. “In our minds it’s fair; it should be that way. If you’re good, good things happen. If you’re bad, bad things happen. That’s the way society is. Good things should happen to good people, and bad things should happen to bad people. This philosophy also gives you the right and privilege to make the cut line. You can decide how good is good enough. You can do things to tip the scales in your favour. You control it. It can also be a motivator for us to do the right thing. “

Jesus contested that idea because there is no clear direction concerning how good is good enough. “We think that as long as we have more good than bad, we’ll make it. But that’s not in the Bible at all.”

Jesus tells us that it’s not only our actions that we will be judged on, it’s our feelings and emotions. “We may not have committed murder, but the same emotions of hatred, anger and bitterness are all resident in our hearts. We are just as guilty as the person who murders because of the way we feel.

We have all fallen short of the glory of God.”

The only way that any of us will ever get to Heaven is to accept Jesus.

Scroll up to listen to Jeff’s message about who gets in to Heaven.

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