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Understanding the Times Part 1: Q & A on the British Monarchy

by | Wed, Oct 5 2022

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Dr Kameel Majdali, the founder of Teach all Nations (TAN) ministry, is an ordained minister of the Australian Christian Churches and has a PhD from the University of Melbourne. He served as the Principal of Harvest Bible College for 13 years, training and equipping people for full-time ministry. Kameel is a highly respected authority in biblical theology. He currently resides in the UK and travels all over the world preaching God’s Word. Kameel is in Australia for his Annual Understanding the Times national tour that will be presented from 9 September to 24 October 2022. He joined Neil Johnson, host of 20Twenty for a special live streamed event hosted at Vision’s studios.

This article covers the special Q & A segment where listeners were able to have their questions answered by Kameel.

Scott asked: Will the monarchy change direction under King Charles?

Kameel: I see continuity. While Charles is not his mother, the institution is the institution. It’s not just very old; it’s very powerful. I can see that no matter how Charles may have felt before ascending to the throne, once he’s in, he’s going to do his duty, and he will do what the institution tells him. It’s not even necessarily any person telling him; it’s the traditions and the like.

One of the things I think most people should acknowledge is that this has been a very smooth transition of power, even though the monarch had been around for 70 years. We need that kind of stability that comes with continuity, especially in the intense and changeable times in which we live.

Jennifer asked: Should Australia remain a realm of the Commonwealth?

Kameel: My understanding of the Commonwealth is it’s a voluntary, equal family of nations. Most of the Commonwealth nations were under the British, with the exception of Mozambique. It’s a cooperative family, and there were a lot of good values from the time of the British Empire. There were bad things too, but the good things are shared and appreciated. They must have been good because why would former colonies want to join with the former coloniser unless there was something good to be remembered? So I think it’s a good organisation and I think it’s worth staying in and there should be no rush to leave it.

Carolyn asked: What will happen now with Charles as King and Camilla as Queen consort, considering their life history and Diana?

Kameel: God bless Princess Diana. It was 25 years ago that she died. I’ve watched this thing from afar for years. I’ve become a little bit more relaxed and sanguine about the situation. Although what Charles did was wrong and absolutely terrible. Adultery is wrong no matter who is doing it and no matter what the reason may be. But what I’ve come to understand is that before Charles and Camilla married in April 2005, they prayed, or were prayed for, prayers of forgiveness and repentance for their past life. That’s before they got married. If that is the case, and I believe it is, then we have to move on.

I’m not condoning any horrible thing that happened during the time of Diana, but the fact is they’ve had a very stable marriage. Apparently, Camilla has done the hard yards in terms of doing what a royal is expected to do. She’s worked very hard. So, I think people in Britain have grown accustomed to Camilla after all these years. She wasn’t ambitious or asking to be queen. She would have been happy for a lesser title. She’s just a country girl and apparently has a good sense of humour. Camilla may be queen consort, but as far as I understand, she has no constitutional role in Australia, only the monarch. So, Australia doesn’t have a royal family, but it does have a monarch.

Dr Kameel Majdali is currently touring Australia, presenting his Understanding the Times tour. Click the link to check Kameel’s tour dates and locations or view the live-streamed recording hosted at Vision’s studios.

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To listen to Kameel’s full interview, click the link below. Part 1 of the viewer’s questions begins at 46.40 minutes into the full interview.