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Over one third of Australians die without having a written, legal Will

If this describes you, someone will have to apply to become the administrator from your estate. This person has to pay all debts of your estate and then divide up the remaining assets according to specific rules set out in your state or territory’s Act of Parliament. These rules give no consideration to your personal wishes regarding distribution of your assets.

If you have no relatives and no legal Will, then the government will receive your whole estate.

A Will gives you peace of mind

A Will assures your assets will benefit the people and organisations you care about, according to your priorities.




Phil Edwards

Dear friend,

The most important decision we’ll ever make in preparing for our final day is to follow Christ. Sadly, many leave life unprepared, both for what is ahead and what they leave behind.

While we can be confident in our own salvation, how about the salvation of our friends, family and millions of other Australians?

Writing your Will is a personal matter and it is important to carefully consider what it says. After having made provision for your loved ones, you may wish to consider leaving a charitable gift for Vision Christian Media.

By naming Vision in your Will now, you will assist us to continue to reach the lost of this nation— through our radio, print, resource and prayer ministry, long after your own passing.

The thousands of testimonies we receive every year witness to the fact that Vision’s ministry is effective in seeing lives transformed as people are exposed to the wonderful truth of the Gospel.

By making provision for Vision Christian Media in your Will more lives will be won for Christ.

Thank you for considering to leave a legacy of hope for future generations.

Phil Edwards - CEO

‘Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren’ Proverbs 13:22a NLT


If you’re about to make your Will, and want to include a gift for Vision Christian Media, the appropriate wording is:

“I give and bequeath free of all duties, debts or taxes to United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd. (ABN 15 051 984 402) the sum of $_____ (or _____ percent of my estate), for the general purposes thereof, and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee/s for such a bequest.”

If you already have a Will you simply need to add a codicil at the end. The appropriate wording is:

“This codicil dated _____ is an addition to the Will of me, (full name). Other provisions contained in my Will are confirmed.

I give, devise and bequeath to United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd. (ABN 15 051 984 402) the sum of $____ (or ___ percent of my estate), for the general purposes thereof, and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee/s for such a bequest.”

Wills and codicils must be dated, signed, properly witnessed and thoughtfully stored.

Please let us know

We would appreciate hearing about your decision. Please write or email a brief message with your name, address, daytime phone, and supporter no. (if known

Write to: Vision Christian Media, Locked Bag 3 Springwood, QLD 4127

Email: legacy@vision.org.au


Your Will is a legal expression of careful consideration for your loved ones and how you intend to provide for their needs.

As well as allowing you to make provision for and bless all your loved ones, your Will also...

  • names the executor/s responsible for seeing your specified instructions are carried.
  • provides payment of liabilities you may have like mortgages, overdrafts and debts—even your funeral expenses.
  • makes provision for your family.
  • names a guardian/s for your young children.
  • enables you to include a bequest or donation to charities like Vision Christian Media.


Hope, Encouragement & Truth

“...from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear Him, and His righteousness with their children’s children...” Psalm 103:17 NIV

Our nationwide Christian ministry offers a lifeline of love to all generations of Australians. We’re passionate about connecting faith to life and turning our dream of providing trusted Christian media for every Australian into a reality.

We love to model the grace of God in all we do, so our national radio network, prayer service, online store, devotionals and youth ministry are freely available every day to an increasing number of Aussies.

Your gift will be a lasting expression of your Christian faith. And will ensure the blessing you have received is passed to future generations.

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