Phil Edwards and Ian Worby

Phil Edwards and Ian Worby

Letter's from Phil Edwards and Ian Worby
CEO and Regional Director

Taking a Stand

Dear Friends,

Would you agree that we live in perilous times?

Conversations I’ve had with strangers on my recent travels have been quite the eye opener for me. ‘So, are we going to have a nuclear war?’ was the opening line from one man I sat next to on a plane. Political instability. Safe schools. Same-sex marriage. The cost of living. Terrorism.
Seems there is no shortage of things to worry about.

But what I love about our work together through Vision is that we bring a different story. Vision brings TRUTH and HOPE right when it’s needed, with reminders like this;

Ephesians 6:13

I heard Vision recently described as ‘a wellspring of refreshment in a media world that seems obsessed with everything but the truth!’ That is so true. The difference is our unwavering commitment to God’s Word. But it didn’t happen all by itself—faithful people over many years have taken action, to ‘put on the armour of God’ and ‘stand’.

It seems the need for action is even more critical today, as our country continues to slip from its Christian moorings, and our mainstream media ramps up its bombardment of promotion of ‘the new moral code’—a morality of self-fulfilment devoid of God. This path ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and dead ends. In stark contrast, Vision boldly bears the truth.

Vision’s mid-year appeal plays a critical role in providing the funding needed to continue this vital work. Historically almost one quarter of our annual operating costs are covered through donations received in May and June alone.

So, your support is needed right now. It is timely for Vision, and being tax deductible, could also be very timely for you.

Like it or not, we are engaged in a battle for truth as two vastly different narratives go to war. One is a good belief that leads to life. The other is a bad idea that leads to death.

As we work together through the power of the Holy Spirit and the wonderful opportunity of mass media, hundreds of thousands of Australians are being reminded each day about a way of living that brings ‘life to the full’ for us as individuals and for our whole society.
The cultural revolution has been an experiment whose fruits are now being borne out in our society. What Australia really needs is a ‘God Revolution’—a whirlwind of cultural change sparked by the deep commitment of true believers to Jesus’ challenge of Matthew 6:33—to ‘seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…’

It is an honour to serve the LORD together.


Phil Edwards – CEO

PS We cannot do this without you. Today, please prayerfully consider what you can give so together the Truth and Hope of God’s Word will continue to be boldly proclaimed to Aussies—right when they need it most.

Journey to Israel with Ian Worby

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find out more

PHOTO: Our pilgrims walking the ancient road of Beit She’an (Judges 1:27, 1 Samuel 31:10, Matt 4:25 & Mark 5:20)

About the Authors

For nearly 25 years Ian Worby has been passionately pioneering and pursuing one dream - Trusted Christian Media for Every Australian.

Ian has been married to Mandy for over 32 years. They have three grown sons, Luke, Steven and Michael, two of whom are married and they have 2 far! 🙂

In the early years Ian was a ships captain before he helped establish Radio Rhema in his old home town of Port Macquarie in NSW. He later moved his family to Brisbane to help further grow and strengthen UCB Australia (now Vision Christian Media) in the role of CEO.

Today Ian works as Regional Director of Vision Christian Media, with a special focus on bringing trusted Christian media not just to Aussies, but to all people in the Asia Pacific region.

So far UCB has established media ministries in PNG, Bougainville, Vanuatu, Nepal, the Cook Islands, Thailand, the Pacific Islands, East Timor, Philippines, Thailand and the Solomon Islands.

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