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There are lots of ways to listen to Vision!

1. Listen in your Browser

You could be listening right now in just two clicks.
Select ‘LISTEN’ in the top menu on this website, then choose your station (either Vision Christian Radio or V180 Radio) – easy!

2. Tune in to FM/AM Radio

We have established an extensive network across Australia – with 700+ transmitters broadcasting Vision Christian Radio in our biggest of cities through to our smallest of country towns. There’s a good chance we’re on-the-air near you. Find your nearest station with our handy station finder.

3. Listen in the Free Vision App

The Vision Christian Media App has been optimised for a simple and reliable listening experience, bringing you crystal clear sound wherever you have a data connection. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet). Simply download, open and choose your station (Vision Christian Radio or V180 Radio). You can even connect your device to a car stereo to listen on the go, see below. To learn more or download the Vision app here.

4. Listen from Satellite

Vision also broadcasts on an audio channel of the VAST satellite system whose signal is available everywhere in Australia. To receive Vision this way you will need a dish and VAST receiver tuned to channel 614 – or of course if you already have access to VAST, then just switch to channel 614 and you’re good to go! There’s more information here.

5. Other listening Options

  • Smart speakers: Say ‘play Vision Christian Radio’  or  ‘play V180 Radio’
  • TuneIn App: Search for ‘Vision Christian Radio’ or ‘V180 Radio
  • iHeart Radio App: Search for ‘Vision Christian Radio’ or ‘V180 Radio
  • Apple TV: Search for ‘Vision Christian Radio’ or ‘V180 Radio’ among the radio channels
  • Various other aggregators: Click here for a list of known sites that list our streams
  • Use a media player of your choice – copy and paste one of the following stream URLs

Use the Vision App to Listen in the Car

Mobile data has opened up new ways to listen, especially in cities and towns with good cellular phone network coverage. If you have nil or inadequate FM or AM reception of Vision in your area, or you travel around a lot and don’t want to change frequencies, then listening via the Vision App may a good option to try. We’ve had many reports from listeners who are delighted to be able to receive Vision crystal clear as they drive around, received through their phone’s data connection. 

Here’s how;

1. Download the Vision Christian Media App to your phone (see above).
2. Importantly, check you have sufficient mobile data allowance for the amount of listening you might do. For each hour you listen to our standard 64K stream you will use about 28MB of data.
3. Connect your phone to your car stereo using one of the following:
  • Bluetooth (direct to car stereo)

    Most newer cars have this and it’s usually pretty easy to setup (every phone and car stereo is different but generally it involves opening your phone’s Bluetooth settings and making the device ‘discoverable’ and then setting your car stereo to find the device). Once connected, you can enjoy Vision (and probably also make phone calls) wirelessly. Your phone should automatically ‘pair’ every time you start your car so you should only ever have to do this once.


  • Transmit your phone audio to FM

    There are a range of devices available that allow you to transmit the audio from your phone to an FM frequency which you can then tune on to on your car’s stereo. You simply need to connect your phone to the device (using Bluetooth or a cable), set the broadcast frequency and then tune your car radio to it. Most auto parts stores sell them, or there are lots of options online through sites like eBay or Amazon. Prices can range from $15 to $100 but you can get mixed results with the cheaper models, so it might be worth getting a recommendation from a friend or spending a bit extra.


  • AUX input

    If your car has an AUX input and your phone has a headphone socket then You simply need a 3.5MM male-to-male cable to connect the two. Change your stereo to the AUX setting and you’re away. Note, the AUX input will usually be on or near the stereo, but not always – consult your car manual or Google your car make and model as it may have a ‘secret’ audio jack in an obscure location!


  • Cassette tape deck adapter

    If your car is a little older with a cassette player, there’s an adapter for you – Cassette tape adapters are cheap and readily available on sites like eBay or Amazon and will enable you play other audio through your stereo. You just plug the cable into your phone’s audio socket and then slide the adapter into the cassette deck.

4. Finally, open the Vision App on your phone and choose what you’d like to listen to – one of our live radio streams or a podcast, the choice is yours.
However you are able to listen to Vision, we know you’ll be blessed as we help you look to God daily.