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An Inspiring Adoption Journey

It was a long and difficult 6 year journey for Sarah Hayden and her husband to adopt their first child from Taiwan, but say the rewards were well worth it.

The Dark Side of Being A Trivia Master

Neven Solian won thousands of dollars on quiz shows like, Sale of the Century, Quiz Master and Millionaire. But there was a dark side to being a Trivia Master.

Remarkable Story Behind the Sherwood Cliffs Rehab Centre

Founders Honi and John Reifler share some of the numerous miracles of God they have seen over the years – as well as their own.

The Story of Mad Dog Mudford

Kevin was one of NZ’s most notorious jail birds in the 1970s. However, his life turned around in an amazing way when he eventually put his faith in the Lord.

Lawrence & Louise Hirsch – Ministering to Jews

Lawrence, a South African born Jew, found Christ after emigrating to Australia, but how would his girlfriend, Louise, back in South Africa, respond to his new interest in Jesus?

Jesma O’Hara – Hippie to Kingdom Impact

Jesma and her husband joined a Sunshine Coast hippie commune in the 1970s. Now they're Christians, making a huge difference in people’s lives all over the world.
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