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Gladys Staines – The Least of These Movie

Gladys Staines was born in Ipswich, Queensland and went on to serve as a missionary to people affected by leprosy in India – along with her husband, Graham.

Dr Daniel Shayesteh – From Islamic Fundamentalist to Christian Evangelist

Dr Daniel Shayesteh [Shaw-yes-tah] was a teacher of Islamic philosophy and a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Army in the 1970’s

Haydn Watson – Ian Watson Tribute Series – Part 3

Haydn Watson grew up having a father who was a larger than life character who always had an encouraging word for whoever he happened to be with.

Margaret Watson – Ian Watson Tribute Series – Part 2

Margaret Watson was married to Ian Watson for over 50 years and they had quite a journey together.Sadly, Ian died in 2019 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Jan White – Reuniting with Her Mother – Part 2

Once again, Jan White shares about how she and her mother – former guest Helen Marsh – were reunited after being separated for nearly 30 years. She also tells us about some of the challenges they faced trying to establish a relationship.

Jan White – Reuniting with Her Mother – Part 1

In the past on the program, Helen Marsh shared with us how she was forced to give her baby up for adoption when she was only 14 years old – and didn’t know if she would ever see her daughter again.
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