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John Lawson – Delivered from a Life of Crime

John Lawson is the author of the book, “If a Wicked Man,” which tells the story of his life of crime. But before that, he had a horrendous childhood full of wounds and battle scars.

Carolann Kelleher – The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Carolann Kelleher’s life began in London after the end of World War II. Sadly, her mother reminded her daily that she was the result of a failed abortion.

Geoff & Marina Jansen – Accidental Missionaries – Part 2

Last time, Geoff and Marina Jansen, shared about their initial adventure of buying a boat in South Africa and then sailing it to Australia.

Geoff & Marina Jansen – Accidental Missionaries – Part 1

Geoff and Marina Jansen live on a catamaran and travel to PNG to provide medical, school and other supplies to remote islands.

Mariska Meldrum – Overcoming Challenges – Part 2

Mariska Meldrum joins us once again to share more of her life story. This time she focuses on a mental health challenge she went through.

Mariska Meldrum – Overcoming Challenges – Part 1

Mariska Meldrum is the Campaign Manager for Miracles Day – Christian Blind Mission’s yearly fundraising event.
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