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Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome & Cancer

Morag Zwartz shares how God helped her along her journey of being a parent of a child with serious health challenges.

Mark Soper – Remembering Bali 9 Member Andrew Chan – Part 3

Mark and his friend, Dave Reardon, reflect on Andrew’s legacy and the impact he had on their lives.

Mark Soper – Remembering Bali 9 Member Andrew Chan – Part 2

Mark continues to share about Andrew’s short but fruitful ministry while in prison and how he was sharing his faith right up to the time he was executed.

Mark Soper – Remembering Bali 9 Member Andrew Chan

The youth pastor's heart sank when he heard that one of the Bali 9 was his childhood friend, Andrew Chan. Mark shares how Andrew’s faith grew while in prison.

Paul & Leigh Beaver – Scientific Research and Faith in God

Paul and his wife share their faith journeys and what led up to receiving the Gusi Peace Prize for his contribution to scientific research in the groundbreaking field of nutrigenomics.

Nalini’s Musical Dreams were in Doubt – Part 2

Nalini Tranquim shares more of her story about growing up in Zambia before going to London to become a concert pianist.
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