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The Word for Today impacted my life hugely when I was on remand in prison for nearly two years; it was one of the promptings that led me to Jesus! So it literally saved my life.
– Angela

I remain eternally grateful that we have Vision Christian Radio available to us in our little town. I pray especially for rural towns across Australia that many more will receive the same blessing, as you really do connect faith to life.
– Sue

I’m a school bus driver and love that I can remain connected during my bus runs. The kids love the music too.
– Sue

My boss who is an atheist borrowed my car one day. I always have Vision radio on. He said he has to turn it off as he feels he is getting saved! That means he can feel the anointing but is not ready yet. Well, probably he is not ready yet but he knows that I am praying for him and his family always. Someday he will be saved! Thank you, Vision. Love you, Vision!
– Louieji

Every time that there is a bump in the road in my life I always ask everyone to pray and I will jump on the app and ask Vision for prayer. God always hears. Thank you for praying with me it is such a blessing and is calming. I listen to The Word for Today and others and feel like that are speaking directly to me in my hour of need.
– Deborah

Transformed in Prison through Vision

One devotional, and Vision Christian Radio. In the hands of someone held captive in prison. That’s how God met Mel from Casino, and now many others through Mel. But that’s the power of God’s Word, and He CAN do immeasurably more than what we ask or imagine!

Vision180 — Great Influence on Youth

36 out of top 40 songs have sexually explicit lyrics or swear words in them. How do we keep our younger generation off that?

A Childs Generosity

We’ve had many stories over the years of Vision where children have felt led to give their hard saved pocket money to the work of God through Vision. Today we heard from two in very close succession!

Impossible Provisions? Not with the God of the Impossible!

Crossing four state borders during lockdown. A house to stay in when there’s none available to rent. How are these even possible? But Ian found that God was truly the God of the impossible as he experiences miracle after miracle.

Dan Warlow and the Worst Song Ever 🙂

Dan Warlow, children’s performer extraordinaire visited us in the studio today during Visionathon. Dan travels all around Australia performing and comes across Vision listeners everywhere.

Meeting the Spiritual Hunger in Regional Towns

Vision is making an incredible impact in rural country towns all around Australia. When it was first switched on in St George, one of the Pastors there wasn't particularly happy about. But that quickly changed when people started stopping him in the street and saying, "Hey, pastor, I want to talk to you about something ...Read More

The Impact of Christian Music

As a caregiver, Yvonne is constantly giving of herself. She receives fresh doses of God’s love through Vision Christian Radio’s uplifting Christian music.

Miracle! Revived to Life

The doctors said there wasn’t much hope for retired pastor and church planter David’s friends’ grandson. Then David rang Vision Christian Prayer. and the miracle happened.

An anchor and lifeline in life’s changes

It has not been easy with many people this season, with COVID induced isolations and restrictions. But on top of that first-time Visionathon giver Joan and her husband had to go through some major life changes. Vision has been a lifeline.

Vision180 Saving Kids

We are all gunning for our youths. This nation’s future rests on their shoulders. What joy and hope when young lives are transformed by the love and power of God, and through the Vision180 magazine!

God’s Calling through Vision

What is my purpose? What is God calling me to do? These are some of the most common questions people ask about life. Sometimes we really want to hear from God about these, and God wants to instruct us. Jane from Armidale found herself in this disposition, and God spoke through Vision!

They said “It Can’t Be Done”

Any tradies or anyone that come to the house usually leave with The Word For Today under their arm.

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