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The Word for Today impacted my life hugely when I was on remand in prison for nearly two years; it was one of the promptings that led me to Jesus! So it literally saved my life.
– Angela

I remain eternally grateful that we have Vision Christian Radio available to us in our little town. I pray especially for rural towns across Australia that many more will receive the same blessing, as you really do connect faith to life.
– Sue

I’m a school bus driver and love that I can remain connected during my bus runs. The kids love the music too.
– Sue

My boss who is an atheist borrowed my car one day. I always have Vision radio on. He said he has to turn it off as he feels he is getting saved! That means he can feel the anointing but is not ready yet. Well, probably he is not ready yet but he knows that I am praying for him and his family always. Someday he will be saved! Thank you, Vision. Love you, Vision!
– Louieji

Every time that there is a bump in the road in my life I always ask everyone to pray and I will jump on the app and ask Vision for prayer. God always hears. Thank you for praying with me it is such a blessing and is calming. I listen to The Word for Today and others and feel like that are speaking directly to me in my hour of need.
– Deborah

Final Moments of Visionathon

A message from our CEO Phil Edwards in the final moments of Visionathon.

Power of Persistent Christian Friends

“God saved me in every sense of the word.” Mark talks about how the persistence of his Christian friends helped begin his journey towards Jesus in 2009.

Finding Hope After Divorce

The end of Craig’s 26 year marriage came as quite a shock to him. But with the help of his church community and Vision he was able to find hope again.

Covid Separates Cairns Christian Family for 15 Months

Enduring separation during Covid has been particularly tough, with Margaret’s husband unable to get home from PNG for over 15 months.

Unexpected Blessing While Caravanning Around Australia

Daniel and Dorothy discovered Vision while on a caravan holiday in 2017 and have been avid listeners ever since.

Sandra Stumbled on Vision, Became Her ‘Priceless Gem’

“I was wrestling with things that I wasn’t finding answers to, and then I would hear a song and know it was for me.” – Sandra

Vision Became Nguyet’s Lifeline to God

Housebound for years Nguyet was introduced to Vision where she heard “awesome teaching” and “started to study the Bible chapter by chapter, and it changed my life.”

Looking to God Through Multiple Tragedies

Alison and John own a property at Gin Gin, and over recent years, have been forced to face the sorts of trials most of us couldn’t even imagine.

Small Gifts Add Up to Big Miracles

“That’s the thing, isn’t it? People say, oh, well I’ve only got five bucks so I won’t give. But no, all those $5 donations make a huge difference.” – Bruce, Wandai

Faith Found Hope in the Midst of Turmoil

“Vision radio is so important because when I lose hope and think that I can’t keep going, I turn on the radio.” – Faith, Dalby QLD

Learning to Trust God with Her Children’s Lives

Learning to trust God and lay down her own life for Him was one thing. But when Sarah felt God ask her to lay down the lives of her children and travel to South Sudan as a family to be missionaries, she wondered if she’d heard God correctly.

From Rehab to Recovery – How You Helped David Look to God

After a 20 year addiction, David found himself in rehab, where he gave his life to Jesus. But finding his way after rebab was a challenge.

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