Marriage is God's idea

A covenant between a man and woman that would fuse them together as one. So developing a good and strong marriage takes work and effort, so during this particular week we are partnering with other Christian organisations to uphold and strengthen our belief in marriages, check out the Marriage Week website for more information

Need some Date Night tips

For resources on rekindling the romance in a fun, enjoyable way through the 'The Great Aussie Date Night', click here

Laughter from a Mother’s Tragedy

Hannah Boland is a comedian, author, public speaker and jazz pianist. She loves performing, inspiring and making people laugh. But the hardest work she does is her work as a mother. Boland has suffered the loss of four babies, and these tragedies have effected her deeply. She spoke to Morning Cafe’s Shelly Scowen about how she has dealt with the hardship in her life, and maintained her faith throughout.

I felt his hand physically reach down inside me and just lift this huge burden off me. And it was like I could breathe again.

Mrs Boland was brought up in a Christian household, but left God as a teenager. It was the pressure of maintaining her marriage and fighting the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, just after the birth of her first child, that brought her back to church. She said she felt so overwhelmed by her situation that she gave herself to God, and asked for his forgiveness.

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‘Fake Marriage’ and the ‘Kill Bill’ – Bill Muehlenberg

‘We have another day of infamy here’ “This is the destruction of marriage” “Another very, very dark day indeed…. When you get Australia’s first euthanasia ‘Kill Bill’ in Victoria…. and then of course the Senate passing the ‘Fake Marriage Bill’…’Marriage is not being ‘maintained, it’s being destroyed!’ Statements from Christian commentator Bill Muehlenberg in reaction …Read More

Corporate ‘Sermonising’ the YES Vote – David Pellowe

Should Australian companies be pushing ‘marriage equality’ on their consumers? “I think we should do what Margaret Court did and communicate publicly our displeasure at the company replacing service with sermons.” – David Pellowe

Same Sex Marriage and Its Consequences – Ashley Saunders

“There really are serious implications for how Christians live out their faith in the new world where marriage is redefined. It’s amazing children are being exposed at such a young age to this highly explicit sexual material.”

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