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Faith Groups’ Huge Impact On Gold Coast

by | Mon, Oct 31 2022

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Gold Coast Christians helped contribute $43 million in social impact to Australia’s sixth biggest city last year.

A report by NAYBA Australia assessed how faith groups are making a difference on the Coast.

It found thousands of staff and volunteers have helped the community with actions like flood recovery and donating and delivering groceries to struggling families.

In the past year, more than 200 faith-based community services reached more than 350,000 people – equivalent to 57% of the Gold Coast population.

For the first time the economic impact of their efforts has been measured by a NAYBA Impact Audit.

The report also reveals the extent of efforts by Christians and others of faith to love and serve those in need.

NAYBA’S National Director Nic Mackay says Gold Coasters have a huge heart for the city and its people.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says a better understanding of the contribution by the faith community will allow his council to more effectively harness and coordinate “this amazing resource”.

Australia’s tourism capital faces a range of social challenges – from domestic violence and mental health to increasingly frequent environmental disasters and the rising cost of living.

Reverend Steve Peach, Chair of the Gold Coast Church Leaders Round Table, is both encouraged and challenged by the report’s findings.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the thousands of people who quietly give so much of themselves to serve our community each week. They do so with humility as an expression of their faith,” he said.

“More than just celebrating these impressive results we want to learn. To understand what we’ve been able to do so far and consider what more we can do for the Gold Coast community. This report is insightful and I see it as a challenge for us to continue to work together for the city we love.”

Formerly known as Cinnamon Network, NAYBA is a global not-for-profit organisation that “provides churches with practical help and resources to equip them to better love their neighbours and transform their neighbourhoods”.