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US Court Defends Schools’ Restroom Ban For Transgender Students

by | Thu, Jan 5 2023

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A US federal appeals court has upheld a Florida school policy that banned a trans-identified student from using bathrooms based on gender identity rather than biological sex.

It found that the bathroom policy did not discriminate against transgender students or violate civil rights law.

A 7-4 majority of judges ruled the policy was clearly related to protecting the privacy and security interests of students away from the opposite sex.

A biologically female ninth-grader was initially allowed to use the boy’s restrooms for six weeks, but was then barred from doing so.

The school offered the option of using a gender-neutral private bathroom, but the student filed a lawsuit for discrimination.

The Christian Post reports attorneys general from 40 states signed briefs both for and against the policy because the ruling could impact on their own laws.

Meanwhile, a school district in Ohio will not change its policy to allow transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity.

CBN News reports the decision came despite opposition from community and Christian leaders.

The Shelby City School Board gave no public notification that it was allowing transgender students into opposite-sex bathrooms.

Angry parents cited privacy and safety issues.

They reminded the board of an incident in a Virginia school bathroom where a female student was attacked by a biological boy wearing a skirt.

100 church leaders called on the board to reverse the policy.

A 12-year-old girl told a public meeting of her fears for her safety in bathrooms.

The Board refused to budge, saying it could be sued if the policy is changed.