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Pharaoh Era Relics Found In Israel

by | Sun, Sep 25 2022

Israeli archaeologists have unveiled what they are hailing as a “once in a lifetime discovery.”

They’ve found untouched pottery from the late Bronze Age when Egypt’s Pharaohs ruled what is now Israel.

The relics date back 3,300 years to the time of Rameses II and possibly Moses.

The Times of Israel reports they were uncovered inside a sealed cave near Tel Aviv, seemingly “frozen in time.”

A large cavernous room with a pillar was filled with ancient jugs and bowls that would have been used during ancient Egyptian burials.

The Israel Antiquities Authority described it as looking like an “Indiana Jones film set.”

There was also evidence of Egyptian warriors being buried in the cave along with weapons, including full-length arrows.

The cave has been resealed and is under guard while archaeologists develop a plan to excavate it.