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Alpha Course Founder Underlines The Importance Of Church Evangelism

by | Mon, Mar 20 2023

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The creator of the Alpha courses for new Christians has called on churches to be more active in evangelism.

Christian Today reports Reverend Nicky Gumbel was speaking at the Ekklesia Conference, organised by Share Jesus International.

He shared the lessons he learned during his 17 years as vicar of Britain’s biggest Anglican congregation at London’s Holy Trinity Brompton church.

Reverend Gumbel said evangelism was always a priority there, adding that if a church is not involved in evangelism, it will die.

“I believe with all my heart evangelism is central to the New Testament. Jesus said go and make disciples of all nations,” he proclaimed.

He also emphasised the importance of church unity for successful evangelism.

“If you don’t have unity, the world will not believe. If you put evangelism first you have to be renewed, you have to be filled with the Holy Spirit,” he explained.

He went on to warn pastors against altering the Gospel message.

“It’s the most powerful message in the world. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who has faith. The world is seeking spirituality without cost. There is a cost to following Jesus.” he cautioned.

“I think the most loving thing you could do for anyone is introduce someone to Jesus. There are so many injustices in the world – poverty, disease, racial injustice – but the greatest injustice is never to have had the opportunity to hear about Jesus,” Reverend Gumbel concluded.