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An Extraordinary Gospel Mission To PNG

by | Mon, Aug 29 2022

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Wayne and Gail Chen and their young daughters left a comfortable life in Silicon Valley to become missionaries on a tiny volcanic island off Papua New Guinea.

Biem or Bam Island is only three kilometres wide and populated by 2,000 indigenous people who had never heard the Gospel until the Chens arrived.

It has no fresh water or electricity and can only be reached by a small boat.

The Chens believed God was directing them to one of the most isolated places on the planet.

The family spent nearly 10 years on their mission despite the constant threat of malaria and dengue fever and Gail’s battle with cancer.

Their achievements were extraordinary.

They built their own house and grew their food.

They learned the language and culture and created a local alphabet.

They taught the people how to read and write and explained the story of Jesus.

CBN News reports the Chens established a church, baptised locals, ordained elders and took the Gospel to other islands.

They had to leave when Gail’s cancer became terminal, but she says God’s love endures.

Their legacy lives on in the church they planted and continues to grow.