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Anne Graham Lotz’s Plea To Christians

by | Sat, Sep 24 2022

Billy Graham’s evangelist daughter Anne Graham Lotz is urging Christians to look to God as the ultimate authority, despite the decline in morals.

She likened the United States to the nation of Judah which neglected to thank God for its blessings and prosperity.

She told the Pray Vote Stand conference that God sent Isaiah to condemn Judah’s people for their sins and lead them back to Him.

Ms. Lotz recalled how she threw away a priceless gift from her mother because she didn’t like its wrapping.

It was a gold ring from Queen Esther’s palace.

She warned many Christians are also in danger of focusing on the wrapping and missing the treasures inside.

The Pray Vote Stand summit of Christian leaders was organised by the Family Research Council to equip and encourage believers on current cultural issues impacting faith, family, and freedom through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Another speaker was leading Baptist theologian Albert Mohler who called on American Christians to “vote the right way” in the November mid-term elections.

He identified the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage and the biblical definition of gender as key issues for Christians.

The Christian Post reports he declared the US was in “a time of war” when every single election matters.

He stressed it matters hugely who is in Congress and the White House.


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