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Appeal For Evangelical Pastors To Seek Political Office

by | Sat, Nov 12 2022

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North Carolina’s second most powerful politician has appealed to the state’s evangelical pastors to run for political office.

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has repeatedly made that plea in recent months at events hosted by the American Renewal Project.

It’s a group dedicated to mobilising pastors to run for school boards, city councils, county commissions, as well as state and federal legislatures.

North Carolina Republicans have promised church leaders that if they run for the party, it will provide them with all the logistical support they need.

Religion News Service reports that “driving the project is the Christian nationalist notion that America has strayed from its origins and needs to be restored to its Christian foundations.”

Mr. Robinson says the nation needs pastors willing to fight a spiritual war in the halls of power.

“America was founded on the Judeo-Christian heritage and established a biblically based culture,” said David Lane, the Texas political operative who founded the American Renewal Project.

“We no longer have that. Secularism was officially crowned in the mid-20th century,” he observed.

Mr. Lane said evangelical donors have given him nearly A$75 million since 2005 to support his project and convince pastors to take up the cause.

Religion News Service reports American Renewal Project leaders do not take a public stand for former President Donald Trump or unfounded claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

Mr. Lane said he is not involved in helping re-elect Mr. Trump and does not believe the election was stolen.

In his weekly email to 80,000 pastors, he wrote his fight is against “profane secularists and cultural Marxism.”