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Ark Encounter’s Bible Memory Man

by | Sun, Jun 19 2022

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Tom Meyer is a Christian College professor who has memorised 20 books of the Bible.

He’s now sharing tips on how he does it, while working as a volunteer at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

For a decade, Mr Meyer ministered at California churches by speaking the Word of God from memory at a different local church every Sunday.

He also taught students how to memorise Scripture at his Bible College.

Mr Meyer said his family was at a crossroads and after praying to God about where to go, they headed to the world’s leading biblical creation ministry.

He dramatically recites the Genesis account of Noah’s flood to Ark Encounter guests — all from memory.

The Christian Post reports he also teaches visitors memorisation techniques.

He wants to pass on his gift of holding God’s Word in both his heart and his head.