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MAF Missionary Pilot Held In Mozambique High Security Prison

by | Mon, Jan 23 2023

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A missionary pilot is still being held in a high security prison in Mozambique.

American Ryan Koher who works for the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is accused by local authorities of supporting Islamic terrorists in the north of the country.

Both the pilot and MAF proclaim he’s totally innocent.

He was arrested two months ago as he was about to fly supplies to an orphanage in the region.

His wife Annabel says he has been let out of isolation and has been able to attend church.

She told Mission Network News that he still needs prayer.

“He could use prayer for peace and comfort in this time as he’s still alone in his cell. He doesn’t get much interaction with other people in a place where he doesn’t deserve to be,” she said.

“Pray that he would be able to continue to lean on the Lord, that his relationship with God would deepen during this time, and that God would open up doors for ministry while he’s still detained,” Annabel added.

“This is not something we were expecting would happen. But God knew it would happen, and God also knows what the end result will be, He knows when Ryan will be free again and when we’ll be reunited, and so there’s a comfort in that.”

“Most of all, we pray that he would be released and that we would be reunited soon.”

The US Embassy in Mozambique is advocating for Ryan’s release.