Aspiring Senator’s Birth Story

Tony Davenport |
Thursday, May 12th, 2022

A Republican Senate candidate has been publicly sharing her personal story as a child conceived in rape following the release of a draft US Supreme Court majority opinion overturning its landmark decision that legalised abortion in the US half a century ago.

Kathy Barnette is a 50-year-old conservative commentator who posted a video on social media about how she discovered her mother was just 12-years-old when she gave birth to her.

She tweeted: “I’m the by-product of rape. My mother was 11 when I was conceived. In the world the Left desires, I would have never been born.”

Her grandmother helped her mother Mamie Jo through the birth.

Her mother says in the video: “I don’t want to use the word ‘choice.’ She was going to be born. I didn’t have a choice to say, ‘you’re going to live or I’m going to abort you.’ That wasn’t a choice for me, and I thank God it wasn’t a choice for me.”

Ms Barnette explained that discovering her story gave her a greater appreciation for her mother and made her “very adamant about the sanctity of life, of all life, regardless of their conception, regardless of how they arrived.”

“I am valuable; I’m worthy and my life has purpose,” she added.

The aspiring Senator lamented that even among Christians and staunch conservatives, an exception to the rule of being pro-life for many is in the case of rape.

Highlighting her marriage and two children, Ms Barnette proclaimed that: “None of this would have happened if the exception to the rule had applied.”

Her story may be helping her political campaign.

She is rapidly closing on her heavily cashed up opponents in her bid to be the Republican nominee in Pennsylvania, despite running on a shoestring budget.




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