Bible App In Indigenous Languages

by | Sat, May 7 2022

A new Bible app containing 57 Indigenous languages reflects a seismic shift in attitudes towards Aboriginal Scriptures.

The Australian Bibles App contains almost all translated Scripture in Australian Indigenous languages and Aboriginal English.

There are text, audio and Auslan sign language formats.

It’s the brainchild of Stuart Cameron who started collecting Indigenous Scripture 20 years ago.

He was a Bible translator in Southeast Asia before moving to Darwin where he worked with Aboriginal people and translators.

He has since settled on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Cameron told Eternity News he’s seen a major change in Christian attitudes to Indigenous Bible translations in the past two decades.

He says secular and non-secular people now see racism as wrong and anti-Christian while conceding there’s still a lot of resistance, “but justice is part of who we are as Christians.”

Anyone who downloads the Australian Bibles App on their phone can receive a verse a day at midday in the Plain English Version (Aboriginal English).

They can even click on a verse and then send it on top of a picture to someone.

Mr Cameron says: “Aboriginal people love that.”


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