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Bible Society’s Call For Christian Unity

by | Wed, Aug 31 2022

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Bible Society Australia Chief Executive Grant Thomson says he’ll be calling for Christian unity at the inaugural Bible Conference in Sydney on Friday.

He told Eternity News that with Christians in the minority according to the latest census, they need to unify around Jesus and the Bible to make the faith stronger in Australia.

“I’ll be calling Christians to unity around the Bible – to agree on the things that we agree on and to unify around those things, and not to draw the lines of division and distinction,” he said.

“We wanted to speak into a space that isn’t really being addressed – to have a conference that talks about the Bible, not attached to any denominational movement. A conference that talks about Jesus and speaks into this cultural, generational moment about timeless truths that need to be expressed in a way that can unify the body of Christ,” he explained to Eternity News.

Mr. Thomson’s hope is that the conference might become neutral ground and a gathering to build unity in God’s kingdom.

He says biblical truths are not tied to one particular church brand or denominational stream or political leaning.

He views the claims of Jesus and the Bible as unique and timeless which can speak to any generation in a real, relevant way.

“I hope the conference will be particularly helpful for younger people, whether they attend physically or online – to help them understand that having doubts and questions is a normal part of faith. And that perhaps it’s worth looking fresh at the claims of Christ and the claims of the Bible to see how they can resonate in people’s lives today,” he added.

Other speakers at the conference include evangelist Christine Caine and writers Andy Crouch and Simon Smart.