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Boosting Your Bible Engagement

by | Fri, Feb 4 2022

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One of the biggest online and mobile Bible platforms has shared its four top hacks for more consistent Bible engagement in 2022.

Every New Year, YouVersion sees a spike in subscribers as people resolve to read the scriptures more.

More than a million signed up on January 1.

But most resolutions fail by mid-February.

So YouVersion’s released its top tips to keep up the engagement.

In a condensed version they are:

  • Create a new habit of Bible reading by linking it to something you already do consistently, like checking your phone every morning; and then making your Bible app the first one you see.
  • Focus on reading the Scriptures regularly by setting up daily reminders.
  • Sign up friends on your Bible study app, so you can share and discuss your reading.
  • And try new plans, new apps, new versions and a new focus to keep God’s Word fresh and exciting.