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Bringing Revival To The Poorest Nation In Central America

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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There are signs of revival in the central American nation of Nicaragua where the government actively persecutes the Catholic church. US-based ministries Mountain Gateway and Shake The Nations claim to have preached the Gospel to 650,000 Nicaraguans this year.

Mountain Gateway founder and missionary Britt Hancock predicts they will have evangelised the entire population of six million by the end of next year. He says tens of thousands have already been saved and thousands healed at this year’s outreaches. He told CBN News he witnessed spontaneous baptisms in the Holy Spirit and previously paralysed people stepping out of wheelchairs.

Even the Nicaraguan government is helping the evangelists. Britt Hancock says it has given him permission to hold an outreach in the capital of Managua’s National Plaza which can accommodate up to 300,000 people.

“We’ve had so many miracles, the government has decided to give us the plaza. If the trend continues it’s just going to fill up with people,” he forecast, describing the evangelism rallies as “a stirring of that whole society.” His advice to Nicaraguans is: “Just say ‘yes’ to Jesus, no matter what it is.”

Worthy News reports the apparent revival comes at a time when Nicaragua is striving to overcome the after-effects of dictatorship, civil war, and natural calamities, which has left it as the poorest country in Central America.

The Mountain Gateway ministry observed: “There is an alarming trend in mission organisations. Only 25% of them preach the Gospel and plant churches while the rest are merely involved in addressing social problems like feeding and clothing the poor. So the lost may have their temporary physical needs met, but they still face eternal separation from Jesus.”

“Everyone should get an opportunity to meet Jesus before they die. Empowered by prayer, fasting, and worship, we go to the difficult places and proclaim the good news to the poor,” the group proclaimed, underlining that it had planted 85 churches in Nicaragua and elsewhere.

It also discipled local pastors, serving through community projects, and ministering through a coffee business called Hope of Glory Farm which was donated to the ministry. Its followers “walked the borders of the farm, anointed it with oil, and dedicated it to Jesus. The harvests since then have been abundant and beyond expectation in quality and quantity! The farm exists to see God transform Nicaragua through evangelism, discipleship, and economic development in local communities,” Mountain Gateway said.

The ministry was involved in other social programs in Nicaragua and nearby countries, such as overseeing 800 addicts in rehabilitation programs, rescuing more than 1,000 children from traffickers and feeding 3,000 families after disasters, according to its website.

Worthy News reports that for evangelist Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations Ministries, being in Nicaragua is part of a broader passion he shares with his wife Rachel and his team. “To date, we have seen countless decisions for Christ, with many more reached through worldwide media. The ministry is also involved in humanitarian outreaches that serve the poor and needy with the love of Jesus Christ,” he explained.

Photo: Facebook – Evangelist Nathan Morris


Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?