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British Doctor Free To Pray For Patients

by | Wed, Sep 28 2022

The British National Health Service (NHS) has settled with a Christian doctor who offered to pray for patients, rather than fight him in court.

Dr. Richard Scott was threatened with disciplinary measures for his offer.

The Kent GP planned to take the NHS to a tribunal to contest the ruling.

The settlement ends a three-year legal battle that began when an anonymous patient claimed to feel “discomfort at the use of prayer” by Dr. Scott.

The General Medical Council cleared the doctor of any wrongdoing in several investigations.

But the NHS pursued the case and ordered the GP to undertake a costly “professional boundaries” course which is usually for those facing sexual allegations.

The doctor said he was outraged and refused to take the course.

The NHS has now agreed that Dr. Scott is free to offer to pray and to pray with patients if he does so within agreed General Medical Council guidance.

In return, he agreed to attend a one-day course on “boundaries”.

The GP welcomed the settlement while reflecting on what he labelled “a deep intolerance from some parts of the NHS towards Christian beliefs.”

He said they showed a complete lack of understanding of what prayer is and how it positively impacts people’s lives.

Premier Christian News quotes Dr. Scott as saying: “I hope this outcome acts as an encouragement to other Christian professionals that it is more than OK to share your faith and that freedom is worth fighting for.”